When you colour your nodes by a classification or binary property in the scatter plots (version 3.5 and up), you can show/hide classes by clicking them in the legend at the bottom. A single-click shows or hides a class. Double-click to show only that class and double-click again to show all classes again.

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Latest news

July, 01 2021


In Geoscience ANALYST Pro the Script on Object Property utility in Geoscience ANALYST Pro can be used in a wide variety of geoscientific applications...
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September, 13 2021

Find and Replace

In GOCAD Mining Suite find and replace any objects you're looking for in no time...
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July, 13 2022

Monitoring folders

Geoscience INTEGRATOR's monitoring folders can be used to automatically import files to a project to save time and streamline regular updates.
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Case studies
April, 30 2019

ERO Copper Curaçá Valley, Brazil

Maximizing value: 3D data integration and interpretation. One of the main challenges in exploration is increasing our subsurface knowledge...
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September, 13 2021

Manual classifications vs Project classifications

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, There are two ways to create classifications when importing data...
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September, 09 2019

Copying objects and groups

In Geoscience ANALYST, container groups and objects can be copied/pasted in the current Workspace or between instances of...
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August, 03 2020

Have you Scene this?

In GOCAD Mining Suite v19, you can save the view as a Scene by right-clicking on the 3D Viewer > (Scene) Save As…
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August, 19 2019

Cloning import templates

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, cloning an import template provides a ready-to-edit copy without having to build a new one from scratch...
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July, 20 2020

Data set summaries

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR The Data set explorer provides simple, immediate ‘dashboard’ access to all the data sets, and their summary information...
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Geoscience ANALYST
July, 07 2022

Inverting time domain data in Geoscience ANALYST version 4.0 – Virtual Lecture

Kristofer inverts TEM data in 1D through Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics to recover conductivity in Geoscience ANALYST 4.0...
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May, 01 2022

Drape Voxet properties on surfaces

In GOCAD Mining Suite you can texturally drape your images and 2D gridded data onto surfaces, for example...
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Company news
January, 04 2024

Mira Geoscience receives the 2023 AME Innovation Award

John McGaughey, Mira Geoscience's President, has been selected for the 2023 AME Innovation Award for leading the development of GEOH5.
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