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Our team of geoscientists, geological and geophysical consultants delivers meaningful, client-driven models that serve as the basis for decision making in exploration drillhole targeting and geotechnical hazard assessment.

We offer a wide range of interpretational services in addition to providing and supporting proprietary and third-party software systems. Our multi-disciplinary team delivers meaningful, client-driven models that serve as the basis for decision making in exploration drillhole targeting and geotechnical hazard assessment. Our software development group focuses on developing the tools required for the discovery and assessment of deep, undercover ore deposits, as well as geotechnical hazard assessment for any type of mining. We create both proprietary and fully customized 4D data management and earth modelling systems for mining industry clients around the world.

Meet our geoscientists

John McGaughey


John is the founder and President of Mira Geoscience. He has extensive mining industry experience focusing on quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D and 4D interpretation for mineral exploration and geotechnical decision support. He currently leads our technology strategy and our geotechnical business. Prior to founding Mira Geoscience in 1999, he spent 10 years at the Noranda Technology Centre as a Senior Scientist in their rock mechanics group. He obtained an MSc in geological engineering and a PhD in geophysics from Queen’s University. John is based in Montreal.


Scott Napier, P.Geo

Principal Geophysicist

Scott is a Principal Geophysicist who brings general expertise in geophysical inversion, along with extensive borehole, ground, marine, and airborne EM interpretation and processing experience. He has worked in Canada and internationally on oil and gas, uranium, and base metal exploration teams, with a track record of proven discovery. Scott has an MSc in geophysics from UBC. Scott is based in Vancouver.


James Reid

Director Asia-Pacific, Principal Consultant

James is a Principal Consultant with an extensive geophysical consulting background. He has extensive expertise in the planning and quantitative interpretation of electromagnetic and electrical methods, particularly the application of airborne electromagnetics to mineral and groundwater exploration. He has an MSc in geophysics from the University of Sydney and a PhD in geophysics from Macquarie University. James is based in Perth.


Glenn Pears

Principal Consultant

Glenn is a Principal Consultant, and an expert in geologically-constrained geophysical inversion. He is a skilled trainer in potential fields inversion, and he also contributes greatly to Mira Geoscience’s software development. He previously occupied positions at World Geoscience, Fugro Airborne Surveys, and Quantec Geoscience. He obtained an MSc from the University of Queensland. Glenn is based in Brisbane.


Gem Midgley

Principal Consultant

Gem is a professional geoscientist with diverse experience in minerals exploration, geoscience research, and consulting. For more than 20 years she has provided technical leadership and domain expertise in integrated, multidisciplinary mineral systems modelling and exploration targeting.

Gem has experience in product development, implementing technology solutions to improve customer success, and assessment of project strategy.

Before joining Mira Geoscience, Gem worked with global resource companies and world-leading research organisations including Placer Dome, AngloGold, and CSIRO. She holds a Masters in Economic Geology from the University of Tasmania. Gem is based in Perth.


Aurore Joly

Senior Consultant

Aurore brings 15 years of mineral exploration experience including expertise in integrated 3D geological and geophysical exploration, as well as structural interpretation. She has worked in numerous commodities—in geological terranes ranging from Archean to Eocene in age. Aurore specializes in GIS-based mineral-system targeting that gives a distinct advantage for making the next discovery. She holds a PhD in Geophysics and Earth Sciences from the University of Orleans, France. Aurore is based in Perth.


Stanislawa Hickey, P.Geo. (Limited)

Senior Geophysicist

Stanislawa is an experienced geophysicist who works with clients through consulting, training, and technical support. She is proficient in 3D geophysical modelling (EM, DC/IP, potential fields) and integrated interpretation. She has substantial field experience in geophysical data acquisition. Stanislawa has an MSc in Geophysics, Resources and Environment from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France. Stanislawa is based in Toronto.


Shaun O’Connor, P.Geo., MSc

Senior Geologist

Shaun is an exploration geologist with 10 years of experience in exploration and mineral systems modelling for gold, base metals, lithium, and industrial minerals in varied geological environments, including Cordilleran arcs and intrusions, Archean greenstone belts, and bimodal volcanic systems. Before joining us, Shaun leveraged his strong geological field experience, software expertise, and talent for modelling and research to help unlock the value of geological data and revolutionize exploration frameworks for clients ranging from independent prospectors to top gold producers worldwide. Shaun obtained his MSc in geological sciences from Queen’s University and is based in Halifax, Canada.


Chrissy Williston, P.Geo


Chrissy is a world-class geomodeller. A geophysicist by trade, she has 20+ years experience constructing 3D multi-disciplinary geological models for a wide variety of mineral exploration and mining applications. Prior to Mira Geoscience, Chrissy worked for a geophysical consulting company in Canada and was involved in various mining exploration projects worldwide. She obtained a BSc Honours degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science at York University in Toronto. Chrissy is based in Miramichi.


Thomas Campagne, P.Geo

Senior Geophysicist

Thomas’s expertise is in geophysical interpretation for mineral explorartion. His career initially focused on supervising and conducting ground geophysical surveys including IP, TDEM, and magnetics. His systematic approach to geophysical data processing and interpretation has evolved into 3D geologically-constrained geophysical inversion and integrated geological interpretation. Thomas obtained his MSc in Geophysics from l’École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre Strasbourg, France. Thomas is based in Vancouver.


Stephanie Howe

Senior Consultant

Stephanie Howe is an experienced geoscientist focusing on delivering value to clients through her skills in training, mentoring, and consulting work, which focuses on data analysis, interpretation, modelling, and geotechnical engineering. Stephanie’s expertise lies in 3D geological interpretation and modelling, potential fields inversions, 4D-GIS geotechnical hazard modelling and assessment. Stephanie works with clients both on site and remotely. She obtained a B.Sc. (Hons) from the University of Tasmania. Stephanie is based in Brisbane.


Carla González


Carla is our Trainer for SKUA-GOCAD and Geoscience ANALYST. In this role Carla will also be participating in testing, documentation, and support. She has previous experience with Apex Geoscience, Maple Gold Mines, and Pretium Resources where she was primarily involved with geological field work. She has a BSc in Earth and Planetary Sciences from McGill University. Carla is based in Montreal.


Polyanna Rowe, PhD


Polyanna is a geophysicist and Python programmer with a research background in potential fields geophysics and data analytics. She has wide experience in 1D–4D forward and inverse geophysical modelling, and multisource geoscientific data integration and analytics to optimize minerals systems targeting. Her main geophysical expertise includes the processing and interpretation of ground and airborne gravity and magnetic data, satellite gravimetry and altimetry, and gamma ray spectrometry data. Additionally, she has specialized expertise in the visualization and interpretation of seismic tomography and deep reflection seismic data, geophysical logging data and heat flux data. Polyanna is based in Perth and works with clients through consulting, training, and support.


Jennifer Levett

Senior Consultant & GOCAD Mining Suite / Geoscience ANALYST Product Development Manager

Jennifer is a Senior Consultant who oversees our GOCAD Mining Suite and Geoscience ANALYST software training and technical support. A geophysicist by background, she has 20+ years' experience constructing 3D multi-disciplinary geological models in a wide variety of mineral exploration and mining applications. Prior to Mira Geoscience, Jennifer worked in mineral exploration for major mining companies in Australia and Canada, as well in near-mine geophysical exploration in Papua New Guinea. She obtained a BSc Honours in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Sydney. Jennifer is based in Montreal.


Sébastien Hensgen

Director, Software Development

Sébastien brings 15 years of experience in software development to his leadership of our software development team. His deep background knowledge of SKUA-GOCAD programming environment that he brings from his previous role with Emerson Paradigm Holding LLC in Houston is a key asset in this role. His MSc research focused on analytical and numerical algorithms at the École Des Mines de Nancy, France. Sébastien is based in Montreal.


Robin McLeod

Senior Systems Analyst

Robin is a Senior Systems Analyst with over twenty years of software development experience in the earth sciences. Robin is an advisor to the software development team across our entire range of modelling and data management solutions. Prior to Mira Geoscience he worked with the Borehole Geophysics group at the Geological Survey of Canada. Robin completed a BSc Honours at the University of Ottawa in Geology and Physics. Robin is based in Montreal.


Marko Gauk

Data Management & Modelling Analyst

Marko has 10 years of experience with geoscience data processing as well as with software training and support. His technical skills include programming and the use of several geoscience software applications. As a data management and modelling analyst, he works on geotechnical and exploration projects, modelling geoscientific data, preparing inputs for machine learning analysis, and populating client data in data management systems. Before joining Mira Geoscience, Marko worked for SeisWare International. He has a Bachelor of Science degree with Specialization in Geophysics from the University of Alberta. Marko is based in Calgary.


Kristofer Davis

Scientific Programmer

Kristofer is a Scientific Programmer who completed his PhD in Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines. As a Post-Doctoral Researcher at UBC he worked on several advanced problems in geophysical inversion, focusing, amongst other research areas, on development of software workflows to support constrained geophysical inversion. His industry and academic background provide the ideal experience to continue development of our VP Suite products, GIFtools, and our other geophysical tools and workflows. Kristofer is based in Vancouver.


Dominique Fournier

Scientific Programmer

Dominique is a Scientific Programmer who complete his PhD in geophysics at the University of British Columbia with a focus on advanced magnetic vector inversion for greenfeld exploration projects. He was a member of our project consulting team prior to acquiring extensive experience in the development of software for non-linear inverse problems, data integration and clustering, and geological interpretation at UBC. His experience and academic profile provide an ideal background to continue development of our geophysical software. Dominique is based in Vancouver.


Benjamin R Kary

Scientific Programmer

Benjamin is a Scientific Programmer who completed his MSc in Geophysics at Memorial University. He’s an experienced consultant with a record of delivering custom software solutions. His industry and academic background provide the ideal experience to continue development of our Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics, geoapps open-source repository (including links to SimPEG inversion codes), and our other geophysical tools and workflows. Benjamin is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Benjamin Chauvin

Scientific Programmer

Benjamin joined our software development team as a Scientific Programmer. He completed his PhD in geosciences at the University of Lorraine, in France, with a focus on mechanics-based structural restoration. Benjamin has a technical background in structural geology and geomechanics and acquired experience in the development of software for structural geology, isostasy and backstripping, and geomechanical forward simulations of fault-related folds at Emerson-Paradigm, Chevron, and Harvard University. His experience and academic profile provide an ideal background to continue development of our geomodelling software. Benjamin is based in Montreal, Canada.

Matthieu Cedou

Scientific Programmer

Matthieu Cedou specializes in integrating earth science data with statistics through data science. He earned a PhD in Earth Science, focusing on the application of deep learning to analyze airborne geophysical data. Previously, he worked in mining exploration, gaining practical experience with the nature and applications of the data. This combination of field experience and academic qualifications provides Matthieu with a robust foundation for his work in data science within the earth sciences domain. He also holds a Professional MSc in Mineral Exploration from UQAC and a French Engineering Diploma in Geology, with a specialization in mines, from UniLaSalle Beauvais. He is based in Quebec City.


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