Our partners

We forge partnerships and collaborations with industry and R&D leaders to bring the most advanced 3D geoscience knowledge and technology together in a practical, powerful way to address mining industry challenges. We bridge the mining and petroleum worlds in both our technology partnerships and our client base.

Amira International


AMIRA is a member-based organization of minerals companies and suppliers that develops, brokers, and facilitates collaborative research projects. We were contributors to the Rapid Inversion of TEM Data project. The aims of this project were to further advance the development of rapid approximate inversion of TEM data and to fully develop practical tools for integrated interpretation of multiple datasets in the VP Suite software environment.

GOCAD became commercially available in 1999 and is now a product of Aspen Technology Inc. (‘AspenTech’), a major international geoscience software technology vendor focusing on the upstream petroleum market. Mira Geoscience was formed in 1999 to bring GOCAD’s advanced, 3D earth modelling capability to the mining industry by adding mining-specific value to the basic offering. We continue to operate in that capacity as a long-term partner of AspenTech.

We took active part in a CMIC research project on discovering new combinations of measurable parameters that define the footprints of ore systems. This project was at the time the largest-ever Canadian mineral exploration R&D project. We were co-leaders of the project’s data integration activities, providing both advisory services and modelling software.

We worked closely with CEMI on the Smart Underground Monitoring and Integrated Technologies (SUMIT) program and the Tunnel Boring System (TBS) projects of the Rio Tinto Centre for Underground Mine Construction (RTC-UMC), and more recently on the Mining Observatory Data Control Centre (MODCC). The data management side of these programs aims to facilitate deep mining research and development. Our contribution was to create the necessary technology to manage multi-disciplinary time-based data and mine models.



Datacode resells and provides training in our integrated 3D earth modelling and data management technologies to deliver the best outcomes to their mining industry clients in India. Datacode provides services and technologies to enable geoscientists, be it clients doing near-surface geotechnical studies or clients who are looking at deeper mineral or oil & gas deposits. Their team has experienced professionals that bring cutting edge technology to the clients’ desk.

DUG Technology


DUG Technology is at the forefront of high-performance computing (HPC) with a strong foundation in applied physics to enable their clients to leverage large and complex data sets. For this reason, we have partnered with them, enabling our customers to run their 3D models and geophysical inversion in the cloud, directly from the Geoscience ANALYST interface.

Fullagar Geophysics Pty. Ltd. (FGPL)


FGPL provides interpretational expertise, software solutions, research, and training to the mining industry, worldwide. Specialities include integrated interpretation of electromagnetic, gravity, magnetic, and borehole data for both exploration and mining applications. We are resellers of their VPem3D program and FGPL is also an active operational partner in our geophysical interpretational service business.

We have a long history of R&D collaboration and technology development partnership with the GSC. Our ongoing collaborative work with the GSC has played an important role in the creation of several of our products, including “3D-GIS”, “Targeting Workflow”, “Sparse”, and the “Rock Property Database System (RPDS)”.

Geoscience Enterprise Inc.


Our partnership with Geoscience Enterprise (GSE) is focused on exploration, with an emphasis on our joint software and service offering to the geothermal and gold industry. GSE are resellers of our integrated 3D earth modelling technologies to deliver the best outcomes to their clients in Japan and Taiwan. GSE is an end-to-end service provider offering services ranging from preliminary study to interpretation through data acquisition and processing as well as consulting in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, groundwater, marine geoscience, agronomy, biogas, geothermal feasibility studies and production.



REFLEX provides instrumentation, data management and data analysis products and services to the global minerals market including: downhole survey and core orientation instruments; drill rig aligners and directional control systems; XRF geochemical analysers; operational, geological and assay data collection and management systems plus the ioGAS data analysis software. Our ongoing collaboration with REFLEX has played an important role in the co-development of the ioGAS Link Modules.



We collaborated with INRS on a major research project in integrated interpretation of geological, geophysical, and petrophysical data for more accurate assessment of ore body volume, grade, and associated uncertainties. The objective was to reduce financial risk in mining through significantly improved quantitative interpretation of 3D data. It included stochastic inversion of geophysical data honouring drillhole control and geostatistical constraints. The research platform is GOCAD/SKUA based, with Mira Geoscience as the commercialization partner.

Memorial University


We worked with Memorial University researchers on advanced geophysical modelling and inversion, in particular the computation of geophysical responses of earth models based on geological parameterizations rather than grid-based parameterizations. The most natural representation of geological contacts and volumes is triangulated surfaces and tetrahedralized volumes, while computational geophysics has historically relied on rectilinear 3D grid representations. Successfully bridging this gap may have important practical consequences for the geological interpretation of geophysical data.

RING-GOCAD Consortium


Our 3D geological modelling technology platform is a full generation ahead of conventional commercial mining-industry geological modelling capability. It has been continuously developed over more than 20 years in a major, industry-supported research consortium at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie in Nancy, France, and further developed and commercialized by our partner Emerson.

UBC-GIF, an academic unit within the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at UBC, has been responsible for many of the fundamental scientific and technology advances in the field of geophysical modelling and inversion that have occurred over the last two decades. We are a partner of UBC in the commercialization of UBC-GIF technology. Many of their codes are directly linked to GOCAD through our various software modules and workflows. Our geophysical service business is an intensive user of UBC-GIF geophysical codes.

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