Geoscience ANALYST

Geoscience ANALYST

Geoscience ANALYST is free 3D visualization and communication software for integrated, multi-disciplinary earth models and data.

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Geoscience ANALYST is a unique standalone application that allows users to import, visualize, annotate, save, and distribute a multitude of 3D geoscientific data types and models. It’s the ideal companion to a wide variety of 3D modelling packages. Geoscience ANALYST has an intuitive and modern user interface that is geared toward mineral exploration and mining. Geoscience ANALYST will quickly become your primary means of communicating and disseminating earth models, and the business decisions based on them. More details about the product features available below. Download free viewer now.

Add-on modules 

All add-on modules are sold on a 1-year subscription basis. The subscription fee includes technical support and updates, when available.

  • Geoscience ANALYST Pro
    Geoscience ANALYST Pro 

    Geoscience ANALYST Pro is an add-on module to Geoscience ANALYST that offers object and data editing and creation functionality. It has effective data analysis and interpretation tools and utilities. The Pro module is the prerequisite for all other add-on modules. More details about the product features available below.

    Introductory offer - USD $400/year (List price = USD $500/year)

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  • ioGAS Link

    ioGAS Link (Pro module required)

    ioGAS Link is an add-on to Geoscience ANALYST Pro that dynamically links to ioGAS. Once linked, any Points object residing in Geoscience ANALYST Pro can be opened in ioGAS and conversely, an opened ioGAS file will be automatically imported into Geoscience ANALYST Pro. ioGAS’s powerful attribute settings and updates will dynamically display the updated data in 3D using Geoscience ANALYST Pro’s versatile viewing capabilities. More details about the product features available below.

    USD $250/year 

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  • Drillhole Design Module

    Drillhole Designer (Pro module required) 

    Drillhole Designer is an add-on module to Geoscience ANALYST Pro that offers a dynamic, user friendly environment that allows you to quickly design new drillholes such as simple straight holes from a collar location with defined lengths, to complex drillholes with lift and swing along the path. More details about the product features available below.

    USD $250/year 

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Product features

Free viewer

Powerful visualization geared towards decision makers as well as modellers
Intuitive interface to import data and edit visual parameters
Quick interrogation of data values, attributes and histograms via a dynamic link between 3D views and data     tables
Ability to annotate objects and save workspaces for easy distribution and sharing
Workspaces can be saved and shared as HDF5 format
Imports ASCII, ESRI, images, Geosoft, GOCAD Mining Suite  objects, Datamine binaries, ioGAS, UBC-GIF and DXF/DWG
GOCAD and .csv file exports
3D front end to Geoscience INTEGRATOR data management system
Compatible with Microsoft Windows (64 bit) 7, 8 and 10
Comes with a user guide to walk you through all the features

Geoscience ANALYST Pro

All basic objects (points, curves and surfaces) can be created and edited
Undo/redo functionality
Advanced snapping functionality
Editable Data Table entries
Desurvey drillholes to create points
Point data can be transferred to drillholes
Block model data can be transferred to points, curves and surfaces

ioGAS Link (Pro module required)

Live connection to ioGAS
Points with ioGAS attributes visualization
Real-time attribute updates
Real-time ioGAS data addition updates
Synchronize utility to push Geoscience ANALYST Pro data edits and additions to ioGAS
Ability to save linked ioGAS data after disconnecting
Provides access to ioGAS's stereonet, gridding, graphs, maps, utilities and statistic tools

Drillhole Designer (Pro module required)

Design new drillholes from target (x,y,z location) to surface, collar down, or existing drillholes
Casing length, azimuth, dip, lift, swing and station interval parameters
Manual Drillhole Designer utility
Change collar location
Modify dip, azimuth, lift and swing parameters at each deviation station
Option to automatically propagate angle changes down the hole
Insert and delete deviation stations manually
Insert deviation stations at surface intersections

Enjoy the software and do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback.



  • Geoscience ANALYST video
    Mining Innovation Technology News

    Review of Geoscience ANALYST: Free 3D visualization and communication software. 

    Ingenuity : 5/5, Time Saving : 5/5, Cost Effective: 5/5

    Comment: Very good for planing Mineral exploration and Mining Projects

    Overall Score :



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Contact a representative

For additional information on our products and services contact our sales team.

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