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Get the most out of your software and gain a better understanding of the service delivered to you. Whether you are looking for an initiation or advanced training, we offer a variety of programs designed to help you develop your skills, enhance your effectiveness, and generate results quickly.

We offer a variety of instructor-led courses in both classroom and online formats. To accommodate your goals and schedule we will work with your team to create customized training courses.

  • Introduction to GOCAD Mining Suite

    This four-day course is designed for new users and people looking for a refresher. It introduces you to all the mining essentials. It takes the user from data import; through section interpretation to surface and block model construction; working with rock properties and property modelling; to 3D-GIS querying and exploration drillhole targeting.

    A one-day version of this course has been designed to cover the core functionalities such as project creation, data import, exploratory data analysis, and quick 3D geological model construction tools. It is available on demand but also offered during Earth Modelling Forum.
  • Geophysical inversion for geologists
    Designed to provide geologists with a practical understanding of geophysical forward modelling and inversion, this course provides basic interpretation knowledge for a more integrated understanding of a project. A better comprehension of processes involved in inversion can lead to effective drillhole targeting.
  • Geologically constrained geophysical inversion
    This course covers the essential aspects of constrained gravity and magnetic inversions, and includes the use of geological and physical property constraints in inversion modelling. – UBC-GIF MAG3D, GRAV3D, DCIP2D, DCIP3D and EM1D; VPmg.
  • Parametric surface construction
    A half-day introduction to structural modelling with the Sparse plug-in. This course is designed for people who are familiar with GOCAD or have completed our 4 day basic training.
  • Maps and cross sections
    A half-day on the 2D display and output options in the Map, Cross Section and Log Display module.

Training dates and details are available by request, or visit our Events page to see if we already have something scheduled.

Geophysical inversion workshops are offered periodically in both Canada and Australia, typically in conjunction with geophysical or mineral exploration conferences.

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Contact a representative

For additional information on our products and services contact our sales team.

Let's meet and discuss
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