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We offer a wide range of training options to help you develop your user skills, work more effectively, and extract more value from your geoscience data.

Training Courses in Geoscience ANALYST

The following courses are part of our basic offering and are available in different formats, including remote and on-demand.

Working with Geoscience ANALYST free viewer

  • This course is designed for beginners.
  • Quickly get started with Geoscience ANALYST, our free visualization and communication software for integrated, multi-disciplinary earth models and data.
  • Learn how to open a project, navigate the interface, perform basic exploratory data analysis, use advanced visualization tools, and generate a 3D compilation.

Geoscience ANALYST Pro – object creation and editing

  • This course is designed for geoscientists that already have a basic knowledge of the tools available in Geoscience ANALYST.
  • Explore the object creation, data processing, and geophysics tools available in Geoscience ANALYST Pro.
  • Learn how to digitize and edit points, curves, and surfaces; design 2D grids, block models, and drillholes.
  • Validate your geological model through magnetics and gravity forward modelling and inversion.

Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics

  • This course is designed for geoscientists that already have a basic knowledge of the tools available in Geoscience ANALYST.
  • Learn advanced geophysical interpretation with Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics.
  • Import, visualize, and process your geophysical data.
  • Using VP Suite, SimPEG, UBC-GIF tools, compute unconstrained and constrained potential fields, DC/IP and EM inversions.

If you have specific needs, visit our support portal to raise a training request, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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