Geoscience ANALYST 4.3 is now available!

This release includes enhancements to several existing importers and exporters for extended interoperability.

It also includes additional inversion styles and options for VP Suite, SimPEG, and UBC-GIF inversion codes.

Discover new functionality in each of our software applications within Geoscience ANALYST

  • Geoscience ANALYST free viewer has enhancements to six existing import filters and improved performance of the draped model object.
  • Geoscience ANALYST Pro has improved flexibility for creating GeoImages from 2D grid data and also improved scripting to include no-data values.
  • Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics now includes SimPEG joint inversions, and additional data acquisition systems for both VPem1D and the waveform designer.

Is this your first time using Geoscience ANALYST?

Be sure to have a look at the user guide included in the ‘Help’ menu or visit our YouTube channel for tips and tutorials. You can also sign up for our email communications or join our community on LinkedIn to stay abreast of the latest news.

Please contact our team for additional information about our products and services

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A YouTube Channel about 3D modelling

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