Geoscience ANALYST

Free 3D viewer for multi-disciplinary earth models and data.
Pro offers low-cost functionalities for interpretation, targeting, and geophysical inversion.
Pro Geophysics offers advanced, geologically-constrained geophysical modelling and inversion across all methods.

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Geoscience ANALYST is a unique standalone application that allows users to import, visualize, annotate, save, and distribute a multitude of 3D geoscientific data types and models. It’s the ideal companion to a wide variety of 3D exploration and modelling packages. It has an intuitive and modern user interface that is geared toward rapid understanding of complex data. Geoscience ANALYST will quickly become your primary means of communicating and disseminating earth models and the business decisions based on them.

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Geoscience ANALYST can import and share numerous data and model objects including GOCAD Mining Suite objects, and VP Suite models and data. It is also the 3D front end and 3D data set search tool for the Geoscience INTEGRATOR data management system. Its Python API, geoh5py library, allows users to leverage the powerful visualization capabilities of Geoscience ANALYST along with open-source code from the Python ecosystem.

Geoscience ANALYST Pro offers a low-cost, easy-to-use interface for object and data editing and creation functionality. It includes ioGAS Link, Drillhole Designer, Maxwell Link, and other functionality including geophysical forward modelling, survey design, and unconstrained potential fields inversion.

Geoscience ANALYST Pro Geophysics is for advanced geophysical interpretation using VP Suite and the codes developed by the UBC Geophysical Inversion Facility (GIF). Includes unlimited access to VPmg and VPem1D.

Check out our YouTube channel as it has several tutorials, tips and how to videos.

More details about the product features available below.

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“This software is great. It accomplishes all the aspects I need to be able to spend more time evaluating and thinking about exploration project data, not fussing over complex software. I have advised a number of exploration colleagues to get going on this software; it continues to be fantastic.”

Todd KeastP.Geo Consulting Geologist

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Free viewer

Free 3D viewer for integrated, multi-disciplinary geoscience and mining data and models.

Technical feature summary

  • Import, visualize, annotate, save, and distribute 3D geoscientific data, models, and documents/files
  • Read and write open format geoh5 files
  • Tabular display of data values linked to visualization
  • Map and 2D profile viewer
  • Advanced interactive model clipping and slicing
  • Drape points, curves, and surfaces on surfaces
  • Texture drape geo-images and grids on 2D surfaces
  • Live connection to the Geoscience INTEGRATOR data management system
  • Python API – “geoapps” repository of open-source applications


Free, 3 installs.

Import / Export


  • Open format geoh5
  • AutoCAD DXF, DWG
  • Datamine
  • ESRI
  • GeoImage
  • Geosoft XYZ, GRD, GDB
  • ioGAS
  • Maxwell plates
  • GOCAD objects
  • ODBC drillhole paths
  • VP models
  • SEG-Y 3D


  • Open format geoh5


  • Geoscientists
  • Mining professionals
  • Executives
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Low-cost tools for interpretation, targeting, drillhole design, and geophysical inversion.

Technical feature summary

All the viewer features are included, plus:

  • Create and edit objects
  • Drillhole design and targeting
  • Unlimited gravity and magnetic forward modelling and inversion
  • Geophysical survey design
  • 2D grid filtering
  • Mathematical and logical scripting interface
  • K-means clustering
  • Live connection to the Python API, Imdex’s ioGAS geochemistry application, and EMIT’s — Maxwell geophysical application


Annual subscription: USD$995 for single installation, technical support, and updates. If more than 4 single installations are needed, corporate, academic, and non-profit licensing is more advantageous.

Import / Export

All the viewer formats are included, plus:


  • Points, curves, and surfaces to GOCAD ASCII files (.mx)
  • Drillholes: collar, survey, interval, and point log to csv files
  • Data tables to csv
  • Geotiff and ers
  • Block Models to UBC grid and model, and ASCII csv.txt (Leapfrog-friendly)
  • UBC grid and model – VP grid


  • Geologists
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Mining engineers
  • Geochemists
  • Geophysicist
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Pro Geophysics

Advanced, geologically-constrained geophysical modelling and inversion across all methods.

Technical feature summary

All the viewer and Pro features are included, plus:

  • Advanced tools for constrained and unconstrained inversion across all non-seismic geophysical methods
  • User interface to UBC-GIF programs to prepare data, create meshes, incorporate physical property constraints, and run inversion
  • Includes VP Suite programs and interfaces for geological-model parameterization and direct inversion for 3D geological contact geometry, in addition to conventional grid parameterization


Annual subscription through membership in the Geoscience ANALYST Geophysics Pro Consortium. Unlimited installations, technical support, and updates. Individual, corporate, academic, and non-profit licensing is also available. UBC-GIF programs sold separately.

Import / Export

All the viewer and Pro formats are included, plus:


  • UBC observation files


Geophysicists for advanced, modelling, inversion, and interpretation across all non-seismic methods.

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Geoscience ANALYST free viewer

This standalone application allows users to import, visualize, annotate, save, and distribute 3D geoscientific data and models.

Product features

  • Powerful visualization geared towards decision makers as well as modellers
  • Intuitive interface to import data and edit visual parameters
  • Quick interrogation of data values, attributes, and histograms via a dynamic link between 3D views and data tables
  • Ability to annotate objects and save workspaces for easy distribution and sharing
  • Workspaces can be saved and shared as open-format HDF5
  • Its Python API allows to manipulate and store a wide range of geoscientific data in geoh5 file format. Get the package on PyPI. Details available in the User guide.
  • Imports ASCII, ESRI, images, Geosoft, GOCAD Mining Suite objects, VP Suite models and data (via VPutility), Datamine binaries, ioGAS, UBC-GIF, and DXF/DWG
  • GOCAD and .csv file exports
  • 3D front end to Geoscience INTEGRATOR data management system
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows (64 bit) 7, 8 and 10
  • Comes with a user guide to walk you through all the features

Tutorials, tips, and how to videos

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Geoscience ANALYST Pro

Pro offers object and data editing and creation functionality. It has effective data analysis, interpretation tools, and utilities. It includes ioGAS Link, Drillhole Designer, Maxwell Link, and other functionality for interpretation and targeting. It also allows users to execute unlimited forward modelling and unconstrained inversion of potential fields data at no extra cost. “How to” videos available on our YouTube channel.

It is sold on a 1-year subscription basis. The subscription fee includes a licence for a single installation, technical support, and available updates. If you need more than 4 single installations, corporate, academic, and non-profit licensing is more advantageous.

Pro general features

  • All basic objects (points, curves and surfaces) can be created and edited
  • 2D and 3D grid objects can be created
  • Drillhole designer to create new drillholes from a collar location with defined lengths, lift, and swing along the path
  • Desurvey drillholes to create points
  • Surface designer to create surfaces with geometric constraints
  • Minimum curvature gridding
  • Fourier filtering of 2D grid properties
  • Data trend removal for 2D grid and point objects
  • Potential fields forward modelling and unconstrained inversion
  • Survey designer
  • Coordinate system transformations
  • Compute and visualize distance to drillholes

ioGAS Link

Dynamically links to ioGAS. Once linked, any point object in Geoscience ANALYST Pro can be opened in ioGAS and, conversely, an opened ioGAS file will be automatically imported into Geoscience ANALYST Pro. ioGAS’s powerful attribute settings and are dynamically updated in 3D using Geoscience ANALYST Pro’s versatile viewing capabilities.


  • Live connection to ioGAS
  • Points with ioGAS attributes visualization
  • Real-time attribute updates
  • Real-time ioGAS data addition updates
  • Synchronization of Geoscience ANALYST Pro data edits and additions to ioGAS
  • Ability to save linked ioGAS data after disconnecting
  • Provides access to ioGAS’s stereonet, gridding, graphs, maps, utilities, and statistic tools

Drillhole Designer

Dynamic, user-friendly environment that allows you to quickly design new drillholes such as simple straight holes from a collar location with defined lengths to complex drillholes with lift and swing along the path.


  • Design new drillholes from target (x,y,z location) to surface, collar down, or existing drillholes
  • Casing length, azimuth, dip, lift, swing, and station interval parameters
  • Manual drillhole designer utility
  • Change collar location
  • Modify dip, azimuth, lift, and swing parameters at each deviation station
  • Option to automatically propagate angle changes down the hole
  • Insert and delete deviation stations manually
  • Insert deviation stations at surface intersections

Maxwell Link

Dynamically links to EMIT’s Maxwell to simultaneously harness the power of both platforms. Once linked, you can broadcast plates within Maxwell to Geoscience ANALYST, adjust the geometry and parameters in Geoscience ANALYST, and broadcast the updated, linked plate to Maxwell.


  • Live connection to Electromagnetic Imaging Technology’s Maxwell software
  • Manipulate plate geometry directly in the viewport or with visual parameters panel
  • Broadcast most plate geometry, visual parameters, and data updates to and from Maxwell
  • Provide Maxwell with a multi-disciplinary, immersive environment for more accurate plate modelling
  • Provide a user interface capable of working with EM data

Forward modelling and unconstrained inversion

Execute forward modelling and unconstrained inversion of potential fields data. These basic geophysical functions are powered by our unique VP technology that can act directly on geological models. There are no limitations on model size. Also includes 2D Fourier grid filters and geophysical survey design.


  • Fourier filtering of 2D grid properties, including: high/low pass, reduction to pole, vertical/horizontal derivative, apparent susceptibility, apparent density, tilt angle, upward/downward continuation and strike
  • Data trend removal (1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-order polynomial) for 2D Grid and Points objects
  • Potential fields forward modelling and unconstrained inversion: gravity, magnetics, and gravity gradient
  • Block Model designer to build a Block Model with the ability to set increasing cell size with depth
  • EM loop modelling, data set, and associated decay curves panel for data analysis, quality control, and data filtering
  • Survey designer to create ground or airborne survey observation points

Tutorials, tips, and how to videos

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Pro Geophysics

Pro Geophysics is for advanced yet easy-to-use geophysical interpretation. It provides a formal, commercial interface to existing standard codes such as UBC-GIF and VP Geophysics Suite (VPmg and VPem1D). UBC-GIF and VP programs are complementary, and the combination gives one the ultimate flexibility in inversion of potential fields, resistivity and induced polarization, and electromagnetic data. With UBC-GIF, you can run fast, reliable, physical property inversions whereas VP offers geological-model parameterization with direct inversion for 3D geological contact geometry in addition to conventional grid parameterization, offering better depth resolution. “How to” videos available on our YouTube channel.

Pro Geophysics provides a direct link to the geoapps open-source repository, offering numerous geophysical tools, including links to SimPEG codes. Substantial work is now being done by numerous researchers on open-source geophysical code projects such as SimPEG. Pro Geophysics users can visualize data and models through a standard interface, as well as receive technical support and training.

It is sold on a 1-year subscription basis through membership in the Geoscience ANALYST Geophysics Pro Consortium, including technical support and updates. Individual, corporate, academic, and non-profit licensing is available.

UBC-GIF programs

UBC-GIF programs  must be purchased separately.

  • Pro Geophysics prepares data, create meshes, constrains inversion with geological information, runs inversions, and visualizes results from UBC-GIF software

VP Geophysics programs

VPmg has many inversion styles that can be used independently or in concert to help the user recover the best model to describe the geophysical basement. VP models offer flexibility to support a wide variety of applications beyond simple unconstrained inversion (e.g., depth to basement modelling, terrain and cover correction, and overburden stripping). VPmg and VPem1D programs are included with a Pro Geophysics subscription.

  • 3D modelling and inversion for gravity, gravity gradient, TMI, and magnetic gradient data
  • Geologically-constrained and unconstrained inversion. Constraints include drillhole pierce points on contacts, downhole measurements of physical properties, and more
  • Create geological models by assigning each cell to a geological unit
  • Geometry of contacts, as well as density or susceptibility of geological units can be adjusted via inversion
  • Density or susceptibility can be homogeneous or heterogeneous in each geological unit

Tutorials, tips, and how to videos

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