Geoscience INTEGRATOR, the missing AI link for exploration

Did you know that the upcoming release of Geoscience INTEGRATOR 3.0 has been greatly adapted to also serve the exploration side of the mining industry? This unique web-based data management system is designed to quantitatively integrate 3D and 4D mineral exploration data sets and interpretation. It is the industry’s first multi-disciplinary, 4D data management framework and, as such, delivers the platform required by computational systems such as AI, that aim to answer questions that only quantitative data integration can answer. Most importantly, the system provides a “data fusion” capability specifically aimed at mining industry problems. This is game-changing technology for the industry, providing a sound, robust solution to the once-intractable problem of integrating highly disparate data across space and time.

About version 3.0 release.

With this version you will be able to create your own metadata fields and search for data sets using keywords, dates, tags, file names, metadata values, or even draw a 3D box via Geoscience ANALYST to see all the data sets belonging to an area of interest.

Additionally, 2D map views are now supported to facilitate analysis on topographic and geological maps, or other required map-based visualizations of models and data. Enhancements were made to the creation of input files for machine learning. Other updates include new exploration and mining themes, and access to layer names within DXF and DWG files.

Details about the product available here

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Geoscience ANALYST
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December, 07 2020

Footprints project public data repository available soon

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May, 05 2021

3D seismic data and survey designer tools

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Searching in the objects tree

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April, 01 2022

K-means clustering: compute inertia curve

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September, 16 2019

New mine production theme

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, version 3.2 has a new theme called Production area. It’s designed for stope, mining room, or drawpoint data...
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About us
January, 10 2018

UDMN Award of Excellence

Geoscience INTEGRATOR wins - Last December, UDMN presented us with an Outstanding Achievement in Commercialization...
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Software releases
May, 08 2019

GOCAD Mining Suite release

We released v17u3. It includes two long-awaited features – Coordinate Reference System re-projection for atomic objects...
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Case studies
August, 16 2023

Chasing Innovation from the Ground Up

Advances in geoscience are built on ingenuity. Circé Malo-Lalande knows it too well. Discover more about Canadian Royalties' fascinating success story.
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February, 03 2020

Using search filters

In GOCAD Mining Suite, use filters to find objects efficiently.
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Geoscience ANALYST
June, 22 2021

Using Python in Geoscience ANALYST Pro – Virtual Lecture

Past event, link available here...
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Geoscience ANALYST
January, 24 2022

Creating 3D geological starting model from geological maps and structural measurements

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