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Released in October 2018, version 17 update2 definitely improves your modelling experience. The focus is on user experience and stability.

We have introduced mining categories and classifications to the Assign Data to Geologic Features window, such as: Fault, Geochemical Data, Airborne or Ground Geophysical Data, Geotechnical Data or Mining Infrastructure.

The Potential Fields Module now performs a check between newly imported VPmg model files and previously imported ones to create new property display templates when necessary. With the introduction of the support of rotated models in VPmg v9.2, GOCAD Mining Suite now supports the import of these models to both Grid objects and Surfaces. Models that are rotated from a N-S orientation can now be exported directly from rotated Voxet models within GOCAD Mining Suite.

Open Government Licence – Canada

The Targeting Workflow now allows you to select a user-defined region to take advantage of the method’s ability to deal with missing information, and to generate targets even where data may not be present in the entire volume. SKUA-GOCAD 17 support packs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 have been included in our installer, along with other updates and upgrades.

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Latest news

Software tips
August, 19 2019

Cloning import templates

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, cloning an import template provides a ready-to-edit copy without having to build a new one from scratch...
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Software tips
April, 03 2019

Bounding boxes in the viewer

Coloured bounding boxes are used to highlight volumes in the Viewport: A purple box surrounds your current selection...
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Advanced geophysical interpretation, modelling and inversion
November, 03 2021

Deep Learning as an alternative to downward continuation filters for structural interpretation

Jean-Philippe Paiement proposes an alternative approach to the commonly used downward continuation filters used in the industry...
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Software tips
February, 03 2019

Organizing files as data sets

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, a data set is often composed of a group of files of various formats along with metadata. These can be grouped...
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Software tips
October, 15 2019

Used v/s available themes

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, the Theme drop down menu shows a filtered list of those containing data sets by default...
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Software tips
June, 01 2022


In GOCAD Mining Suite you can save lots of time with SKUA-GOCAD’s macros, a built-in scripting tool in which you can record or enter a sequence of commands to carry out or repeat at any time...
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Software tips
August, 08 2022

ODBC drillhole import

In Geoscience ANALYST you can import drillholes straight from your ODBC database...
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Software tips
December, 07 2020

Automatic rotation

In Geoscience ANALYST you can autorotate viewport when presenting your 3D geoscientific data and models...
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December, 06 2019

Women Geoscientists in Canada

We are proud sponsors of WGC, advocates for increased gender balance within geosciences...
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Case studies
June, 10 2019

Let the data speak!

Four years ago, along with DMT Group, we started working with  JSC Apatit on their Kirovski and Rasvumchorr mines that...
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Software tips
May, 28 2020

Reshape using spiderwebs

GOCAD Mining Suite v19 allows you to reshape your surfaces and 2D Grids with a spiderweb editing tool...
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Developer’s sandbox
September, 08 2023

GEOH5: A Framework for Geoscience Data and Model Portability

Used by thousands, GEOH5 is the open-source data structure that is taking down the interoperability barriers and revolutionizing...
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