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Released in October 2018, version 17 update2 definitely improves your modelling experience. The focus is on user experience and stability.

We have introduced mining categories and classifications to the Assign Data to Geologic Features window, such as: Fault, Geochemical Data, Airborne or Ground Geophysical Data, Geotechnical Data or Mining Infrastructure.

The Potential Fields Module now performs a check between newly imported VPmg model files and previously imported ones to create new property display templates when necessary. With the introduction of the support of rotated models in VPmg v9.2, GOCAD Mining Suite now supports the import of these models to both Grid objects and Surfaces. Models that are rotated from a N-S orientation can now be exported directly from rotated Voxet models within GOCAD Mining Suite.

Open Government Licence – Canada

The Targeting Workflow now allows you to select a user-defined region to take advantage of the method’s ability to deal with missing information, and to generate targets even where data may not be present in the entire volume. SKUA-GOCAD 17 support packs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 have been included in our installer, along with other updates and upgrades.

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Latest news

Software tips
August, 01 2021

Search for Objects – find anything, anywhere, anytime

In GOCAD Mining Suite find any objects you're looking for in no time...
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Geoscience ANALYST
December, 07 2021

Importing and preparing DC/IP data for inversion with Geoscience ANALYST – Virtual Lecture

In 20 mins, Kristofer shows v3.4 new functionality for pre-processing and visualization of DC/IP 2D and 3D data - Geoscience ANALYST...
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Software releases
November, 16 2018

VPmg, VPem1D and VPutility release

VP Geophysics Suite releases: VPmg version 9.2, VPem1D version 4.2 and VPutility version 1.1...
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Software tips
February, 09 2022

Roles and permissions

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, system administrators give users different levels of permission by role-based access...
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Case studies
May, 12 2020

BHP Bowen Basin, Australia

Surface electromagnetic and electrical methods were trialled at a mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, with the objective of mapping the extent of coked coal...
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Software tips
March, 09 2021

Improved scatter plots

In Geoscience INTEGRATOR, you can can increase/decrease the node size, take snapshots, zoom in on an area of interest...
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Developer’s sandbox
September, 08 2023

GEOH5: A Framework for Geoscience Data and Model Portability

Used by thousands, GEOH5 is the open-source data structure that is taking down the interoperability barriers and revolutionizing...
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Software tips
July, 06 2020

Plotting drillhole data

While pencil crayons are still a vital part of geology, Geoscience ANALYST lets you get all your data into 3D in a convenient shareable format...
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Software releases
September, 02 2020

A YouTube Channel about 3D modelling

We have quite a few how-to and tutorial videos lined up on YouTube highlighting our earth modelling, interpretation, and data management software for the construction of plausible geological models.
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Software tips
March, 02 2019

2D map view

2D data can be viewed using the Panels menu > Add map view viewport. 3D data can be shown in the 2D view...
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December, 07 2020

Free mineral exploration data through Geoscience ANALYST

Past event - view here or on our YouTube channel...
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Software tips
July, 08 2019

Centering objects in the Viewport

In Geoscience ANALYST, you can automatically turn on the selection, center the view, and...
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