We understand that not all customers have the same needs, and that individual customer’s needs evolve. That is why we offer flexible licensing solutions.

To meet your business or research needs, we offer:

  • Licences by discipline
    We can maximize your portfolio by extending its scope within your own discipline to provide you with a complete suite geared towards your business objectives.
  • Single or multi-user licences
    Can all be shared at no extra costs.
  • Monthly rentals available
  • Commercial or academic licences

Having installation or a licensing problem? You can try solving it through the Mira Geoscience Licence Manager.

  • Start > All Programs > Mira Geoscience Licence Server > Mira Geoscience Licence Manager > Troubleshoot and if necessary > Email

For licence inquiries and installation support please contact our licensing team at

For all technical support questions once the software is up and running, please contact

Questions about licensing?

If you have any questions about our licences, you can let us know by filling out this form.

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