Integrated interpretation

Integrated interpretation

Integration of the diverse, multidisciplinary datasets required for improved orebody imaging and mining risk management requires a 3D GIS environment with powerful visualization and querying capabilities. Data registration and orientation challenges are enormous, especially when the range and resolution scales of imaging techniques vary from millimeters to tens of metres. The Geoscience Group of Anglo Technical Division have investigated many software solutions and the GOCAD common earth environment currently appears to be the most suitable. 

- Pretorius et al. Anglo Operations Ltd

Our specialists have the necessary skills and technology to deliver truly integrated 3D and 4D interpretation. We pioneered the “Common Earth Model” concept in the mineral industry, drawing on a wide range of geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data in order to build integrated models of complete geological frameworks. We believe that successful interpretation does not come from combining independently derived geological and geophysical models. Integrated interpretation means the development of a single earth model that is quantitatively consistent with all the geological and geophysical data, driven by conceptual understanding. 


  • 3D modelling platform

    We use the industry’s best available software technology to create geological models of any complexity. Our GOCAD/SKUA-based platform allows for easy transitions between the required raster and vector data support required for geologists and geophysicists to work together on a single earth model. 3D geological models are attributed with petrophysical properties and adjusted to match the geophysical field data quantitatively. Our structural, formational, and facies modelling software tools ensure that 3D geological models respect a consistent structural, stratigraphic, and topological framework. We properly handle geochemistry, alteration, and physical rock properties with a powerful geostatistical tool kit. Geophysical forward modelling and inversion across all geophysical methods is managed through seamless connectivity between the geological modelling platform and industry standard geophysical modelling and inversion technology from our technology partners UBC-GIF, Fullagar Geophysics, and Paradigm. Rock quality and rock fabric models for geotechnical design respect lithological boundaries and structural domains. Our technology set results in the creation of quantitative 3D exploration, resource, and geotechnical models from which asset teams can make objective, auditable business decisions. 

  • Data we work with

    We ensure fast, intuitive, and accurate 3D earth models, regardless of your data types. We work with geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data from standard mining industry formats: ArcGIS, MapInfo, AutoCAD, GOCAD/SKUA, Gemcom, Surpac, CAE Studio, Vulcan, Geosoft, Leapfrog, ER Mapper, ioGAS, UBC-GIF, VPmg, Profile Analyst, Maxwell, and others. 

Expertise and experience

  • Our team of experts

    We know the best practices for modelling and interpreting challenging datasets. With years of experience carrying out complex projects, we are specialists in finding innovative ways to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their geological environment. We provide focused solutions for successful exploration targeting, resource modelling, and geotechnical hazard estimation. We have the expertise to increase the value and reduce the limitations of the available data. Analyzing existing datasets with a proper integration framework has proved repeatedly to be a cost-effective way of adding value to projects. We will host meetings anywhere for project review, interpretation, or investment purposes.

  • Case study

    We carried out a detailed 3D prospectivity analysis, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Queensland (NWQNEP), for IOCG-style mineralization in the Mt Dore area of Queensland, Australia. Our expertise and technology was used to advise on project workflow and to provide modelling and analysis services for geological model construction, geophysical inversion, rock property modelling, and quantitative targeting. The methodology included data compilation (geology, geophysics, and rock properties), 3D geological model construction, rock property analysis, constrained geophysical inversion, creation of a 3D pseudo-facies model, weights-of-evidence mineral occurrence targeting, analysis, and review.

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