Geophysical modelling, inversion, and interpretation

Geophysical modelling, inversion, and interpretation

Due to the fundamental ambiguities in our process of geophysical methods based on physical properties, it is essential that multidisciplinary methods be used, including geology, geochemistry, and geophysics in integrated models to maximize the efficiency of exploration programs. 

- Alan King, Vale.

We have one of the world’s largest and most experienced teams of geophysical interpretation experts in the minerals industry. Based in Canada and Australia, our team of qualified, wide-ranging, and industry-experienced geophysicists delivers interpretational excellence on even the most complex projects and datasets.

Geophysical data are best interpreted in tight integration with the geological data. We combine the most practical and effective geophysical forward modelling and inversion, 3D geological modelling and visualization technology to achieve meaningful, business-focused results. Our team has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of quantitative modelling and inversion across the range of geophysical methods. We understand the complexity of the issues and the need for practical, geologically-driven solutions. We work collaboratively with clients to provide dependable advice and maximum interpretational value.

Our team works across the complete spectrum of geophysical techniques. We provide analytical and interpretational value in ore body detectability analysis, survey design, geologically constrained inversion, 3D geological modelling, integrated interpretation, drillhole targeting, contract geophysical research, and geophysical software development.


  • Advanced processing, modelling and inversion

    We use the industry’s best available software technology to create fully integrated earth models of any complexity. We use a broad range of geophysical data processing, modelling, and inversion tools, including UBC-GIF and VPmg forward modelling and inversion codes, Profile Analyst, Maxwell, WinDisp, and Paradigm’s seismic modelling and interpretation software. Mira Geoscience’s GOCAD/SKUA-based geophysical modules provide a wide range of geophysical utilities and flexible workflow interfaces for the organized set up and execution of forward modelling and geologically constrained inversion, including the pre-processing of data and the post-processing of the results.                                        

    Our interpretation platform allows for an easy transition between the required raster and vector data support required for geologists and geophysicists to work together on a single earth model. 3D geological models are attributed with petrophysical properties and adjusted to match the geophysical field data quantitatively. Our structural, formational, and facies modelling software tools ensure that 3D geological models respect a consistent structural, stratigraphic, and topological framework in addition to ensuring consistency between the geological models and geophysical data. We work with an extensive set of 3D-GIS, exploratory data analysis, and visualization tools to ensure data integrity and enhance interpretational insight. We provide results in common 3D formats for the easy communication of ideas.

  • Data we work with

    We ensure fast, intuitive, and accurate 3D earth models, regardless of your data types. We work with geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data from standard mining industry formats: ArcGIS, MapInfo, AutoCAD, GOCAD/SKUA, Gemcom, Surpac, CAE Studio, Vulcan, Geosoft, Leapfrog, ER Mapper, ioGAS, UBC-GIF, VPmg, Profile Analyst, Maxwell, and others.

Expertise and experience

  • Our team of experts

    With almost 15 years of experience and over one thousand complex projects completed, we know the best practices for modelling and interpreting challenging geophysical datasets. We are specialists in finding innovative ways to increase value, reduce the limitations, and understand the meaning of geophysical data. Analyzing datasets within a proper geology-geophysics integration framework has proved repeatedly to be a cost-effective way of adding value to projects. We will host meetings anywhere for project review, interpretation, or investment purposes.

  • Case study

    The recent release of results from the first phase of TSX-listed Chieftain Metals’ latest drilling programme at its flagship Tulsequah Chief polymetallic project, in British Columbia, has revealed the “strong prospect of doubling or tripling the resources”. Owing to the success of the 3D inversion initiative carried out over the immediate Tulsequah Chief deposit area, the Company is again retaining Mira Geoscience Ltd. (“Mira”) to perform 3D inversions of IP data over the very prospective Big Bull, Banker/Sparling and southeast areas of the Tulsequah VMS property.

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