Earth modelling and data management services supporting business decisions

Our experienced team pioneered many of the leading strategies and technologies of 3D and 4D quantitative, multi-disciplinary earth modelling for mineral exploration, resource evaluation, and geotechnical hazard assessment. From senior advisory services to detailed modelling, interpretation, custom software development, or training, we can help you in any phase of your project planning and execution.  


Our professional, expert advice brings clarity of thought to your mineral exploration, resource evaluation, and geotechnical hazard assessment projects. Our experienced staff combined with an international network of technology partners can provide the support you need, wherever you need it, and whatever the size of your organization.

We are the global mining industry leaders in advanced 3D and 4D geological modelling, geologically-driven geophysical inversion, exploration targeting, geotechnical hazard assessment, and geoscience data management solutions.


  • Whether you are a looking for introductory or advanced training, we offer a variety of programs designed to develop your modelling skills, enhance your interpretational effectiveness, and generate valuable business results quickly. We offer a variety of instructor-led courses in both classroom and online formats. To accommodate your goals and schedule, we will work with your team to create customized training course


  • We understand that not all customers have the same needs, and that individual customer’s needs evolve. That is why we offer flexible licensing solutions. 

Technical Support

  • Our technical support team is available to deliver personalized assistance and training. They can guide you through workflows or give you tips via email, phone, web conferences, or visiting your site.

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