VIP Consultant Program

VIP Consultant Program

This program allows small businesses, like myself, the much needed opportunity to get affordable access to this very powerful software platform/environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

- Irvine R. Annesley, PhD, PGeo, Consulting Geologist

The VIP Consultant Program is a new initiative designed for the boutique consultant who is a key contributor to minerals exploration and development. We believe the best technology should be used by expert consultants. By providing low-cost access to GOCAD Mining Suite, our network of influential industry experts directly benefits from hands-on experience with our solutions.

Working together with our VIP Consultants we seek to better serve the industry by making our class-leading GOCAD Mining Suite solution more accessible to consulting geoscientists. This both supports their role as industry consultants and furthers industry understanding of our advanced, integrated geological, geophysical, and geochemical solutions. Where appropriate, our diverse experience will complement the specific project knowledge the consultant brings. A partnership that brings extensive, scalable expertise to projects when needed.

If you are part of an exploration industry consultant organization, with a team of one to five consultants, we encourage you to provide us with your contact information so that our sales team can contact you to discuss the preferential pricing and benefits of the program.

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Featured software

Through this program, the ultimate power of integrated interpretations that deliver better, faster business decisions is available in discounted bundled modules to provide you with a complete suite geared towards your business needs.

Qualified VIP Consultants will have access to one of the following bundles, renewable on an annual basis. 

  • GOCAD Mining Essentials Bundle

    Allows you to fully exploit the essential 3D-GIS and Exploratory Data Analysis visualization and query functionality. It provides all the basic geological modelling features (both wireframe and block modelling), 3D visualization, property manipulation, 3D-GIS query interface, and basic statistical tools. 

  • GOCAD Mining Interpretation Bundle

    Adds 3D expert-system mineral potential modelling solutions for exploration. Enables 3D structural geology modelling given sparse structural and geological data. Combines the power of exploratory and geochemical data analysis with advanced visualization and 3D spatial query. 

  • GOCAD Mining Geophysical Bundle

    Combines the industry’s most practical, extensive, and effective 3D geophysical modelling and inversion, earth modelling, and visualization technology, to achieve fully integrated interpretation. 

  • GOCAD Mining Suite Bundle

    Combines the Mining Essentials Bundle with the Interpretation and Geophysical Bundles for a complete suite of solutions. 

  • GOCAD Geothermal Bundle

    Ensures that 3D geological models respect a consistent structural, stratigraphic, and topological framework even in a sparse data environment. Provides quantitative interpretation of potential fields data within a 3D earth modelling context. Includes 3D modelling and inversion of gravity, gravity gradient, TMI and magnetic gradient data.

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For additional information on our products and services contact our sales team.

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Contact a representative

For additional information on our products and services contact our sales team.

Let's meet and discuss
Or call us!

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