4D data management

Currently, we can access an SQL database from within the GOCAD environment and can query different types of data and select specific periods in time and create GOCAD objects from those, which wasn’t possible before.

- Mathijs Mol, Mining Engineer. Rio Tinto.

From exploration through mining, geoscientists share and interpret a vast and varied amount of 3D and 4D multi-disciplinary data. Lack of effective data management practices and tools is a significant barrier to successful interpretation of the complex inter-relationships amongst data and model. Furthermore, it has become increasingly important to understand the time-evolution of both data and model: many data are inherently time-variant, and we must often interpret or just record both geologic time and project time dependencies. At the mine site, where the integration of geological, geotechnical, geophysical, and production data has become critical to both safety and production decisions, understanding the time-evolution of the state of the mine is paramount to effective decision making.

We know how to manage 4D mineral exploration, physical property, geotechnical, and mine production data. We can help you manage 4D multi-disciplinary data to support the modelling process and directly add business value.

Key technology

  • 4D-GIS for exploration and mining

    A customized solution that combines true 4D multi-disciplinary data management, modelling, query, and expert-system targeting to drive exploration and mining success. We provide a flexible, customized relational database solution that manages the spatial properties and time dependence of exploration, geotechnical, and mine production data, directly integrated with visualization, modelling, analytics, and business intelligence applications.

  • Linking physical properties to geological attributes

    Data management and analytics that correlates geological description with physical rock property data across a range of geological environments to achieve understanding of the physical property distributions of the host rock, altered, and mineralized environments characteristic of ore systems.  Allows users to interpret, or enforce, the level of consistency between geological models and geophysical data from the same project area.

Featured software

  • Geoscience INTEGRATOR

    Integrate exploration, geotechnical, and mine production data in this flexible relational database system designed for the general management of time-dependent 3D data. Drillholes as well as geophysical, geochemical, geological, geotechnical and mine production data and models co-exist in the same storage and query framework. You can completely customize the system for your specific data types, report requirements, data source and application connectivity. It gives you the power of a true 4D multi-disciplinary modelling and interpretation system.

  • Rock Property Database System

    You bring together geological and geophysical rock description on a common integration platform through a hosted relational data management system. RPDS correlates geological description with rock property data across a range of geological environments. It provides archive and synthesis of confidential proprietary data as well providing access to millions of publicly available rock property records. The resulting statistical rock property profiles are essential to the integration of geological and geophysical data in the development and assessment of mineral exploration models.

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For additional information on our products and services contact our sales team.

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