3D geophysical modelling and inversion

3D geophysical modelling and inversion

Owing to the success of the 3D inversion initiative carried out over the immediate Tulsequah Chief deposit area, the Company (Chieftain Metals) is again retaining Mira Geoscience Ltd. to perform 3D inversions of IP data over the very prospective Big Bull, Banker/Sparling and southeast areas of the Tulsequah VMS property.

- Chieftain Metals Inc. Toronto, Canada - May 29

Unifying industry standard geophysical modelling and inversion codes with the most powerful geological modelling and visualization system is indispensable for addressing the modern exploration challenges of finding significant new deposits at depth, under cover, or in complex brownfield settings.

We believe that extracting value from geophysical data requires interpretation that is fully consistent with all the geological data. Our solutions provide a geophysical inversion capability that not only incorporates geological constraints, but also inverts geophysical data directly for the geometry of geological boundaries. We bring together advanced non-seismic geophysical inversion with 3D seismic modelling and interpretation through a unique, powerful geological modelling and visualization platform.

Key technology

  • Geologically-constrained geophysical inversion

    Provides interpretive geological constraints to inversion as a critical part of integrated interpretation, in addition to mathematical constraints such as smoothing or depth weighting that are customarily deployed to counter non-uniqueness. Constraints are defined through the geometric and physical property attributes of the 3D model, under full control of the interpreter, for all conventional mineral industry geophysical data types. Most data types may be inverted directly for the geometry of geological contacts or physical property distributions within each geological unit, in addition to inversion for heterogeneous physical property distributions.

  • Managing rock property data

    A hosted data management system brings together geological and geophysical information on a common integration platform. It correlates a geological description with rock property data across a range of geological environments. It is useful for estimating the physical properties for forward modelling geophysical responses or interpreting inversion results.

Featured software

  • GOCAD Mining Essentials

    Build and analyze integrated, quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D earth models with the power of 3D-GIS. Provides you with the essential tools required for the modelling of structure and geological contacts, as well as defining block models as rectilinear or stratigraphic 3D grids. You can model scalar and vector properties on all objects using a wide range of property modelling tools. Easily update models with new data, at all times retaining fine-grained, interactive editing and query control over all model elements. It provides the platform for geologically-based geophysical modelling, inversion, and integrated interpretation for potential fields, electrical, electromagnetic, and seismic interpretation.

  • VP-Suite

    3D modelling and inversion program for gravity, gravity gradient, TMI, and magnetic gradient data. Designed for geologically-constrained inversion. Constraints include drillhole pierce points and downhole measurements of physical properties. It generates geological models by assigning each cell to a geological unit. The geometry of contacts, as well as the density or susceptibility of geological units can be adjusted via inversion. In each geological unit, density or susceptibility can be homogeneous or heterogeneous.

  • UBC-GIF Suite

    Geophysical software from the University of British Columbia Geophysical Inversion Facility (UBC-GIF) that can be operated stand-alone or fully integrated into GOCAD modelling workflows. Includes 3D modelling and inversion codes for potential fields, resistivity, induced polarization, electromagnetics, and spontaneous potential data.

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Product Catalogue

  • GOCAD® Mining Suite

    Build and analyze integrated, quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D earth models with...

  • VP Suite - Geophysics

    Geologically-based forward modelling and inversion programs for potential field and...


    Industry-standard advanced geophysical modelling and inversion programs. Includes 3D modelling...

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