3D geological modelling

3D geological modelling

The mining industry’s most powerful 3D geological modelling solution — comprehensive geological frameworks from the regional to deposit scale.

We offer the industry’s only capability to create multi-disciplinary earth models that are fully consistent with geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data. Our solution typically starts with the creation of the structural architecture, followed by geological units constrained by map, drillhole, geophysical, and geochemical data. We provide the tools that are required for the volumetric modelling of physical, geochemical, mineralogical, grade, engineering parameters, and other rock properties.

Key technology

  • Explicit surface modelling solutions

    Workflows and comprehensive editing toolsets guide the construction of both simple and complex geological wireframe models. Our technology uses the Discrete Smooth Interpolation (DSI) algorithm to interpolate geometric surfaces that fit both “hard” data, such as drillhole pierce points, and “soft” data, such as geophysical interpretation. It easily constructs fault networks and geological contacts as smooth surfaces, perfectly fitting the input data. Stratigraphic modelling, fault analysis tools, and workflow-based interfaces facilitate the construction of 3D stratigraphic grids: block models that conform to both stratigraphic rules and fault dislocation.

  • Implicit modelling of geological contact and iso-grade surfaces

    This solution uses an implicit, volumetric modelling algorithm that builds the entire 3D model in a single pass. It facilitates the rapid construction of 3D models defined by fault networks and stratigraphic horizons, including constructing a “geological grid” block model that respects both the fault network and all the stratigraphic rules. The geological grid block model constitutes the ideal setting for the application of geostatistics in a stratigraphic setting. With implicit modelling, 3D models are quickly updated to honour new drilling or other types of subsurface data.

  • Interactive and interpretive parametric surface modelling

    The technology includes a set of powerful tools for the construction of 3D structural models, given sparse structural and geological data. It provides the capability of rapidly building smooth 3D curves and surfaces that honour structural data, while maintaining the freedom to interactively edit and interpolate. It also offers 3D structural vector field interpolation to guide geological surface construction.

Featured software

  • GOCAD Mining Essentials

    Provides you with the essential tools that are required for explicit modelling of structure and lithological contacts, as well as defining rectilinear or stratigraphic 3D block models. You can model scalar and vector properties on all objects using a wide range of property modelling tools. Easily update models with new data, at all times retaining fine-grained, interactive editing and query control over all model elements. Create and deliver meaningful, project-driven models that serve as the basis for decision making in drillhole targeting, resource estimation, and geotechnical hazard evaluation.

  • SKUA – Implicit Modeling

    Provides you with our implicit geological modelling capability: fast, intuitive, and accurate 3D geological modelling tools that obey stratigraphic rules to generate structural models of all levels of complexity. Its workflow environment enables you to generate complex models in a single pass quickly and accurately.

  • Sparse

    Supports your interactive creation of parametric 3D earth models with powerful structural data interpretation tools. It gives you the capability of rapidly generating structural and geological contact surfaces that conform to the measured structural data. It provides you with a powerful set of editing and interpolation tools.

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  • GOCAD® Mining Suite

    Build and analyze integrated, quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D earth models with...

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