Software Solutions

We combine true 3D and 4D multi-disciplinary earth modelling and geoscience data management to drive exploration and mining success. Each of our solutions comprises one or more geological modelling or data management tools that provide geoscientists with the capacity to create, interpret, and share a quantitatively consistent, visual model of the earth.

We pioneered the “Common Earth Model” concept in the mineral industry, bringing together a wide range of geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical software tools in order to create integrated, multi-disciplinary models of complete geological frameworks.

Our Solutions

We enable our customers to target new discoveries, optimize production from new and existing deposits, evaluate geotechnical hazard, and create dynamic digital models of the subsurface. We provide the industry's most advanced earth modelling and data management solutions as workflow-based software that facilitates better, faster exploration and mining decision-making.

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