GOCAD® Mining Suite

GOCAD® Mining Suite

I've had a chance to use SKUA [Implicit Modelling] on an active project and compare the results with conventional modelling. Generally I've found most software looks good in the packaging and produces rather underwhelming results – SKUA was completely the opposite, I'm completely gob-smacked with how well it created an extensive, realistic regional model with a few scraps of a priori information.

- Adam Wooldridge, Director - Xpotential Geoscientific Consulting

Build and analyze integrated, quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D earth models with the power of 3D-GIS. From data import to exploration drillhole design, geoscientists from all disciplines can manage their project from one central software application.

Advanced, easy-to-use, modularized software that becomes the basis of sound and rapid decision-making. Custom designed for mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment. It has a fully integrated 3D-GIS query environment, advanced visualization and a focus on data organisation for better analysis. It enables precise geological modelling (wireframe), block modelling, and property modelling. It provides natural connections to geologically-constrained geophysical modelling and inversion, multi-disciplinary 3D exploration targeting, exploratory and geochemical data analysis, and geotechnical hazard estimation and monitoring.

GOCAD Mining Suite is a customized extension of SKUA-GOCADTM--Paradigm® developed for the petroleum industry by Paradigm B.V.. GOCAD Mining Suite leverages very significant oil and gas R&D investment to address earth modelling challenges in the mining industry.

The price of a licence depends on the software selection that is made to fit your individual needs best. Academic and non-profit licensing is also available.

  • Advanced geological modelling and interpretation software

    3D topological modelling applications based on its proprietary interpolation engine. Other add-ons facilitate enhanced explicit, implicit and parametric surface modelling and interpretation solutions.

  • Interpolation and geostatistics software

    An extensive suite of geostatistical algorithms for spatial estimation and simulation to model any continuous and categorical variable.

  • Geochemistry and exploratory data analysis software

    The power of exploratory and geochemical data analysis with advanced visualization and 3D-GIS query. ioGAS Link: Real-time connection between ioGAS and GOCAD® Mining Suite.

  • Geophysical data interpretation and modelling software

    Rigorously quantitative interpretation of geophysical data within a 3D modelling context. Includes 3D modelling and inversion of gravity and magnetic, 2D and 3D DC resistivity and IP,TEM and AEM, Radio Imaging and primary field EM data. Also includes tools for hardrock seismic forward modelling.

  • Targeting software

    2D and 3D mineral potential modelling solutions for exploration geoscientists and maps hazardous ground for geotechnical specialists.

  • Geotechnical software

    Integrated, real time, 4D-GIS based geotechnical hazard assessment for open pit and underground mining projects.

Featured products

  • GOCAD Mining Essentials
    GOCAD Mining Essentials

    This industry-leading earth modelling application has been designed from the ground up to rapidly construct integrated multi-disciplinary 3D earth models. Includes the basic GOCAD core functionalities as well as Mining Utilities and 3D-GIS.

  • SKUA – Implicit Modelling
    SKUA – Implicit Modelling

    Provides precise 3D geological modelling tools that obey stratigraphic rules to generate structural models of all levels of complexity. Its intuitive workflow environment is fast, allowing users of all levels to model faster and more accurately.

  • Sparse Module
    Sparse Module

    Developed to address the problem of constructing 3D structural geology models given sparse structural and geological data. It provides the tools needed to quickly build smooth 3D curves and surfaces that conform to structural data, as well as editing and interpolation tools.

  • Potential Fields Module
    Potential Fields Module

    Provides quantitative interpretation of potential fields data within a 3D earth modelling context. Modelling and inversion workflows for gravity and magnetic data use geological models, structural and petrophysical constraints, as well as traditional filtering and interpretation tools, within an exceptional 3D visualization environment. 

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