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Our senior technical team deploys best-in-class technology for the integrated interpretation of geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data. We offer a wide range of interpretational services in addition to providing and supporting proprietary and third party software systems. Our multi-disciplinary team delivers meaningful, client-driven models that serve as the basis for decision making in exploration drillhole targeting and geotechnical hazard assessment. Our software development group focuses on developing the tools required for the discovery and assessment of deep, undercover ore deposits, as well as geotechnical hazard assessment for any type of mining. We create both proprietary and fully customized 4D data management and earth modelling systems for mining industry clients around the world.

  • Andrew Banks

    Senior Consultant

    Andrew is a senior consultant who leads geological exploration, interpretation, modelling and resource projects and has a speciality in coal. He has significant experience in the mining industry with operating mines and development projects. He has worked on major projects in the UK, Africa, SE Asia and Australia. Before his current role, he was Principal Geologist for Rio Tinto Coal Australia and Resource Geologist with BHPB Coal in Queensland. Andrew obtained a BSc Honours in geology from the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa and is currently studying towards an MBA at Bond University. Andrew is based in Brisbane.

  • Timothy Chalke

    Director, Asia-Pacific

    Tim is the Director of our Asia Pacific division. Nearly 20 years of experience and wide-ranging skills make him a leader in 3D integration and the interpretation of geological and geophysical data sets for exploration targeting, ore body imaging, and mining risk assessment. Before his current role, he was a successful Project Geologist for Anglo American (South Africa), Yilgarn (Western Australia), and the Savage River magnetite mine in Tasmania. He obtained an MSc in Spatial Data Analysis at Curtin University of Technology, and a BSc Honours from the University of Tasmania. Tim is based in Hobart, Tasmania.

  • James Farrell

    Senior Consultant

    James is a senior consultant who leads mineral exploration projects. He has 15+ years of experience in the mining industry and specializes in the geology and resources of operating mines and development projects ranging from initial exploration to multidisciplinary feasibility studies in Australia, Africa, and Asia. Before his current role, he was a Principal Geologist at Golder Associates. James obtained a BSc Honours in structural geology from the University of Tasmania. James is based in Perth.

  • Peter Fullagar

    Principal Consultant

    Peter has over 30 years’ experience in base metal, precious metal, and petroleum exploration, and in metalliferous and coal mining geophysics. During his tenure as Chief Geophysicist for Western Mining Corporation in Australia he promoted utilisation of geophysics in operating mines. Peter has also held academic and research positions, at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, and with CSIRO Exploration & Mining, Brisbane. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland. He established Fullagar Geophysics Pty Ltd in 1998. As well as consulting privately for the past 16 years, he has developed geophysical modeling and inversion software, including the VP suite, designed to integrate geophysical and geological interpretation. Peter holds an MSc from Monash University and a PhD in geophysics from UBC. He is based in Vancouver.

  • Peter Kowalczyk

    Principal Consultant

    Peter is a Principal Geophysicist with over forty years’ experience in gold and copper exploration worldwide. Peter was chief geophysicist for Placer Dome prior to the company’s incorporation into Barrick Gold. He joined Placer Dome in 1970 and worked in porphyry copper, uranium, base metal and gold exploration.  Peter coordinated Placer's geophysical research and was deeply involved in the introduction and implementation of digital processing, visualization and geophysical inversion methods into exploration processes at Placer. As chief geophysicist Peter worked with exploration, mine operations, academic research and government groups world-wide. Although an exploration generalist, he has particular experience in the processing and interpretation of electrical data. Peter graduated from UBC with a B.Sc. (geophysics) and is a registered geophysicist in British Columbia. Peter is based in Vancouver.

  • Valérie Laflèche

    Director, Geotechnical Projects

    With expertise in multi-disciplinary data integration, geohazard assessment, and software development management, Valérie leads the company’s 4D data management and geotechnical hazard assessment projects. As Director, Geotechnical Projects, she works with international clients from initial scoping of data sources, data management, and geohazard assessment, to training and deployment of our customized software systems. Valérie is a geological engineer with a background in mining and mineral exploration geophysics. She spent two years studying mining engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal. Her M.A.Sc. research focused on physical rock properties of ore deposits. Valérie is based in Montreal. 

  • Jennifer Levett

    Senior Consultant & GOCAD Mining Suite Product Development Manager

    Jennifer is a Senior Consultant who oversees our GOCAD Mining Suite software training and technical support. A geophysicist by background, she has 20+ years' experience constructing 3D multi-disciplinary geological models in a wide variety of mineral exploration and mining applications. Prior to Mira Geoscience, Jennifer worked in mineral exploration for major mining companies in Australia and Canada, as well in near-mine geophysical exploration in Papua New Guinea. She obtained a BSc Honours in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Sydney. Jennifer is based in Montreal.

  • John McGaughey

    Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer

    John is the founder and CEO/CTO of Mira Geoscience. He has extensive mining industry experience focusing on quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D and 4D interpretation for mineral exploration and geotechnical decision support. He currently leads our technology strategy and our emerging geotechnical business. Prior to founding Mira Geoscience in 1999, he spent 10 years at the Noranda Technology Centre as a Senior Scientist in their rock mechanics group. He obtained an MSc in geological engineering and a PhD in geophysics from Queen’s University. John is based in Montreal.

  • Robin McLeod

    Senior Systems Analyst

    Robin is a Senior Systems Analyst with over twenty years of software development experience in the earth sciences. Robin is an advisor to the software development team across our entire range of modelling and data management solutions. Prior to Mira Geoscience he worked with the Borehole Geophysics group at the Geological Survey of Canada. Robin completed a BSc Honours at the University of Ottawa in Geology and Physics. Robin is based in Montreal.

  • Pablo Mejia


    Pablo is a consultant with more than 14 years of experience in exploration, exploitation, and processing of ore deposits, with significant experience in VMS-type and lode gold deposits in Colombia. He has conducted research in 3D structural modeling applied to mineral resources, specifically 3D restoration of the Kupferschiefer in Poland and Germany. He has cross-disciplinary skills in economic geology, potential fields modelling, and mining engineering.  Pablo has a Ph.D. and M.Sc. (Honours) degree in Geosciences from the University of Lorraine (France).
    Pablo es consultor con más de catorce años de experiencia en exploración, explotación y beneficio de depósitos minerales, principalmente en depósitos de sulfuros masivos y de oro filoniano en Colombia. Él ha dirigido investigaciones en el área de la modelización 3D aplicada a los recursos minerales, específicamente en reconstrucciones estructurales del Kupferschiefer en Polonia y Alemania. Pablo cuenta con competencias en geología económica, evaluación de potenciales minerales e ingeniería de minas. Pablo tiene un doctorado y un master (con honores) en Geociencias de la Universidad de Lorraine en Francia.    

  • Dianne Mitchinson

    Senior Consultant

    Dianne is a Senior Consultant who leads mineral exploration targeting projects. She oversees the integration and interpretation of multi-disciplinary geoscience data, and she applies both knowledge and data-driven targeting approaches to identify and rank exploration targets. Dianne obtained a PhD and completed post-doctoral work with the Mineral Deposit Research Unit at the University of British Columbia, where her research focused on characterizing the physical rock properties in orogenic gold and porphyry deposit settings. Dianne is based in Vancouver.

  • Scott Napier

    Senior Consultant

    Scott is a Senior Consultant who brings general expertise in geophysical inversion, along with extensive borehole, ground, marine, and airborne EM interpretation and processing experience. He has worked in Canada and internationally on oil and gas, uranium, and base metal exploration teams, with a track record of proven discovery. Scott has an MSc in geophysics from UBC. Scott is based in Vancouver.

  • Glenn Pears

    Principal Consultant

    Glenn is a Principal Consultant, and an expert in geologically-constrained geophysical inversion. He is a skilled trainer in potential fields inversion, and he also contributes greatly to Mira Geoscience’s software development. He previously occupied positions at World Geoscience, Fugro Airborne Surveys, and Quantec Geoscience. He obtained an MSc from the University of Queensland. Glenn is based in Brisbane.

  • Gervais Perron

    Director, Business Development

    Gervais' extensive industry knowledge and 20+ years of experience are key to fostering and expanding relationships with existing clients, while seeking out potential partnerships, opportunities, and new markets for our products and services. During his time with Mira Geoscience, he has held various positions ranging from Senior Consultant to Director of Software Development, thus providing a vast array of minerals exploration expertise and perspective. He graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal with a B.Eng in Geological Engineering and an MSc in Geophysics. Gervais is based in Montreal.

  • James Reid

    Principal Consultant

    James is a Principal Consultant with an extensive geophysical consulting background. He has extensive expertise in the planning and quantitative interpretation of electromagnetic and electrical methods, particularly the application of airborne electromagnetics to mineral and groundwater exploration. He has an MSc in geophysics from the University of Sydney and a PhD in geophysics from Macquarie University. James is based in Perth.

  • Chrissy Williston

    Senior Consultant & Geoscience ANALYST Product Development Manager

    Chrissy is a world-class geomodeller who consults and oversees our Geoscience ANALYST software development, training, and technical support. A geophysicist by trade, she has 20+ years experience constructing 3D multi-disciplinary geological models for a wide variety of mineral exploration and mining applications. Prior to Mira Geoscience, Chrissy worked for a geophysical consulting company in Canada and was involved in various mining exploration projects worldwide. She obtained a BSc Honours degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science at York University in Toronto. Chrissy is based in New Brunswick.

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