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  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - Q4 2018
    Published on 11/29/2018

    In this edition, we report on Ero Copper’s Curaçá Valley copper mine/project area in Brazil. We sat down and discussed the 3D interpretation and modelling process of Alberton-Mathinna “Gold Corridor” with Mark Duffett and Daniel Bombardiere from Mineral Resources Tasmania. On the software side, we have been busy with new releases of GOCAD® Mining Suite, Geoscience ANALYST, and VP Suite. We also give you more details on how the upcoming version 3.0 of Geoscience INTEGRATOR and how it is the missing AI link for exploration. Finally, we cover the tips of the month, as well as some news and upcoming events.

  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - Q3 2018
    Published on 07/11/2018

    In this edition, we report on integrated interpretation through our interactive approach to modelling and inversion as well as the amazing potential of geophysical interpretation to highlight subtle exploration targets. On the software side, we are proud to share news of an Award of Excellence granted to us by UDMN for the commercial success of Geoscience INTEGRATOR. We have also been busy with new releases of GOCAD® Mining Suite, Geoscience INTEGRATOR, Geoscience ANALYST, and, finally, VPmg, VPem1D, and the launch of VP Utility. We present new team members and celebrate those who have been with Mira Geoscience for over 15 years! Finally, we cover the tips of the month, as well as news and upcoming events.

  • Award for Outstanding Achievement in Commercialization from UDMN
    Published on 12/13/2017

    Mira Geoscience is proud to announce it has received the Outstanding Achievement in Commercialization award from the Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN), for Geoscience INTEGRATOR, which it describes as "...quickly becoming the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced geotechnical data management and hazard computation system; automated from import to report."

  • Advances in Geologically Constrained Modelling and Inversion Strategies to Drive Integrated Interpretation in Mineral Exploration
    Advances in Geologically Constrained Modelling and Inversion Strategies to Drive Integrated Interpretation in Mineral Exploration
    Published on 10/24/2017

    Mineral exploration is becoming more difficult, with a developing focus on discovery under cover and at greater depth. In order to better understand a mineralization system, careful assessment and integrated interpretation of all available data is required to provide information about lithology, structure, and alteration. The need for integration is blurring the traditional roles of geological modelling and geophysical inversion. This paper presents an interactive approach for developing geological models from geophysical data in order to effectively integrate geological and geophysical data...

  • Award of Excellence from UDMN
    Published on 02/17/2017

    Mira Geoscience presented with prestigious award from Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN) - Dec, 2016 - Mira Geoscience is proud to announce it has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement in People Development award, described as an award "...given to a project proponent who has increased the capacity of its company by hiring highly skilled people that enrich the company’s ability to perform by creating a dynamic, talented, and integrated team. Through strong leadership and business development and succession planning and talent development this proponent has capitalized on being a member in the ultra deep mining network and become an employer of choice within the mining sector in Canada."


  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter Q4 2016
    Published on 11/22/2016

    In this edition, we report on our new Sudbury office, our work with 3D analysis of hyperspectral core scanning data as well as some customized geohazard assessment software we are working on for a client based in Russia. We present our new R&D project on predictive analytics. We look back on this year’s edition of Earth Modelling Forum. On the software side, we talk about the release of version 2.30 of Geoscience ANALYST, version 15.5 of GOCAD Mining Suite and version 3.1 of VPem1D. We present people who have recently joined our team and, finally, provide details on available job openings, tips of the month, and upcoming events and workshops.

  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - Q1 2016
    Published on 04/01/2016

    In this edition we report on our new solutions for the coal industry. We have a look at our VIP consultant program. On the software side, we talk about the upcoming release of our geophysical program VPmg version 8.1. We tell you more about people who just joined our team. Finally, we provide details on available job openings, tips of the month, news and media, and upcoming events.

  • End of the Flat Earth: a new era at GSWA
    Published on 02/01/2016

    Preview Volume 2016 (180)

    By Ruth Murdie

    The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) has entered the 3D era with the release, in December 2015, of the first three dimensional (3D) digital geological models in a new line of digital products called ‘3D Geomodel Series’. In such a large state as Western Australia these two models are just a taste of what is to come. The actual 3D models are part of a complete package replete with a full suite of GIS data, such as is included on other two-dimensional GSWA digital packages. The new addition is a 3D geological model, which can be viewed in the included free visualisation software, Geoscience Analyst, provided by Mira Geoscience...

  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - Q4 2015
    Published on 12/07/2015

    In this edition we have a look back on the Earth Modelling 2015 Forum. Glenn Pears gives us an instructive review of the mechanics behind integrated interpretation. We report on MinSim: A Mineral Industry Simulation Platform. On the software side, we talk about the upcoming release of our modelling platform GOCAD® Mining Suite (version 14.1p1) and the recent release of version 2.24 of our visualization and communication platform Geoscience ANALYST. Finally, we provide details on available job openings, tips of the month and upcoming events.

  • Review - Geoscience ANALYST: Free 3D visualization and communication software
    Published on 01/22/2016

    Mining Innovation Mining News

    By Isabelle Martineau

    Last October, Mira Geoscience released Geoscience ANALYST; a unique standalone application that allows users to import and visualize 3D geoscientific data and models. Its intuitive interface allows them to edit visual parameters, make annotations, and save and distribute their projects. “Geoscience ANALYST is truly innovative...

  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - Q3 2015
    Published on 08/06/2015

    In this edition we have great news to share with you. We are thrilled that our modelling platform GOCAD® Mining Suite version 14.1 has been released and that Geoscience ANALYST, our visualization, collaboration and communication tool, is ready to be launched at our Earth Modelling 2015 Forum. Speaking of which, have a look at our program and training courses; you won’t want to miss this year’s edition. We also report here on a major new R&D project for the Ultra-Deep Mining Network. Finally, we welcome new staff and give you more details on available openings.

  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - Q2 2015
    Published on 06/15/2015

    Welcome to the 2015, Q2 eNewsletter. We wanted to keep you in the loop of what we have been up to in the last few weeks and what’s around the corner. Our software development team has continued its focus on our modelling platform for integrated interpretation, GOCAD® Mining Suite, and on our visualization and communication tool Geoscience ANALYST. We report on very successful trials with “predictive analytics” (HyperCube) technology for mineral prospectivity mapping. Also featured in this eNewsletter is a closer look at the Chisel Basin Common Earth Model. Finally, our team is growing — details on available openings.

  • GOCAD® Mining Suite Software as a Tool for Improved Geothermal Exploration
    Published on 04/24/2015

    Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015

    By Jeffrey B. Witter

    The GOCAD Mining Suite is an advanced, geoscience software platform, originally developed for the oil & gas industry, which is used to build and analyze quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D Earth models. High quality 3D Earth models, such as those made with GOCAD, form the basis for sound decision making to reduce drilling risk in geothermal exploration. Core capabilities of the GOCAD Mining Suite software include: precise structural modelling, surface (wireframe) construction, stratigraphic and regular block modelling, as well as geostatistical analysis. Various add-on software modules are available which provide several 3D geological modelling environments, natural connections to geologically-constrained geophysical forward modelling and inversion, multi-disciplinary 3D exploration targeting, exploratory and geochemical data analysis, and geotechnical hazard estimation and monitoring.

  • Exploring new options
    Published on 04/15/2015

    Mining Magazine April 2015 Issue

    Ailbhe Goodbody examines how innovations in mineral exploration are even more important during a downturn, and what’s new in exploration drilling and software.

    From the moment the exploration process starts to the operation of a mine, a vast amount of multidisciplinary data is gathered to use, share and interpret. Dr John McGaughey, president of Mira Geoscience, says: “The notion of ‘data integration’ has become broadly accepted as essential to effective interpretation. In recent years, it has become a common theme of exploration technical conferences. However, for practical reasons, coherently managing disparate and complex data streams remains a daunting challenge.”

  • Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - Q1 2015
    Published on 02/26/2015

    We hope that 2015 has started as well for all of you as it has for us here at Mira Geoscience. Our management team has grown, we spent time with many of you at different events and we continue to expand our integrated interpretation and data management software and consulting services. Our software development team has continued its focus on Geoscience INTEGRATOR for data management and GOCAD® Mining Suite for advanced integrated modelling. We also continue to contribute to the development and commercialisation of UBC-GIF and the Fullagar Geophysics VP Suite. Additional research in predictive modelling and data integration is ongoing. Also featured in this eNewsletter is a closer look at our geothermal consulting practice.

  • SAM (Sub-Audio Magnetics) for mineral exploration, detection and delineation of bitumen deposits
    Published on 03/03/2015

    PDAC2015 - Technical Program Geophysics

    By: Scott Napier

    "SAM (Sub-Audio Magnetics) is a proprietary electric/electromagnetic technique which uses a high-sensitivity cesium vapour magnetometer to measure the electromagnetic fields due to electric current flow in the ground. The system allows very fast and highly detailed data acquisition from the ground or from a helicopter towed bird. The system has been in operation for two decades in Australia and has had considerable success mapping resistivity variations beneath highly conductive cover such as salt pans..."

  • A novel approach to mineral exploration data integration for targeting
    Published on 03/03/2015

    PDAC2015 - Open Session

    By: John McGaughey

    "We have applied [advances in stochastic, non-Euclidean] approach to the targeting problem. The method provides a series of robust rules describing the relationship between input exploration data variables and mineral occurrences. The rules capture complex, and often local, relationships amongst data that are not easily discernable in standard statistical tests, yet are directly interpretable in conventional exploration terms..."

  • Many positive developments at Mira Geoscience
    Published on 01/01/2015

    International Mining Magazine

    “[Mira Geoscience’s] innovations focus on developing and applying quantitative analysis to the integrated geology-geophysics-geochemistry interpretation challenge across a range of scales, commodities, and methods…”

  • Exploration Trends & Development 2015
    Published on 03/01/2015

    “Mira Geoscience, headquartered in Montreal, continued to expand its integrated interpretation software and consulting services for exploration targeting. Geophysical software development was focused on Geoscience INTEGRATOR for data management, the GOCAD Mining Suite for advanced integrated modelling, and Geoscience ANALYST for…”

  • Advanced 3D Earth Modelling Supports Mine Exploration Decision Making
    Published on 08/22/2014

    3D Visualisation World

    By: Isabelle Martineau

    Advances in 3D geological modelling environments are supporting multi-disciplinary 3D exploration targeting. The generation of visualizations that represent such modelling and services are critical aspects of this work. Mira Geoscience helps geoscientists to draw on a wide range of geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical knowledge to build integrated, multi-disciplinary models of complete geological frameworks.

  • Définition d’un cadre pour l’intégration des données géologiques et géophysiques
    Published on 11/19/2014

    Quebec Mines 2014

    By: Gervais Perron

    "Les géoscientifiques oeuvrant dans le domaine de l’exploration minérale font face à de nouveaux défis. Les cibles d’exploration sont de plus en plus profondes, les environnements géologiques sont complexes et, souvent, les roches hôtes de la minéralisation ne sont pas directement accessibles. Le contexte à l’intérieur duquel se développe l’exploration minérale est appelé à évoluer afin de tenir compte de ces facteurs. L’émergence d’une approche multidisciplinaire basée sur la compréhension de la signature des systèmes de mise en place des gisements dans un espace 3D prend de l’ampleur...."

  • GOCAD® Mining Suite Software as a Tool for 3-D Geoscience Data Integration and Modeling
    Published on 10/22/2014

    GSA 2014

    By: Jeff Witter

    "The GOCAD Mining Suite is an advanced, geoscience software platform, originally developed for the oil & gas industry, which is used to build and analyze quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D Earth models. High quality 3D Earth models, such as those made with GOCAD, can form the basis for regional- to national-scale 3D geological mapping programs. Core capabilities of the GOCAD Mining Suite software include: precise structural modeling, explicit and implicit surface (wireframe) construction, stratigraphic and regular block modeling, as well as geostatistical analysis..."

  • Application of an innovative AEM system for mapping hazards and water resources in oil and gas fields
    Published on 05/12/2014

    GeoConvention 2014 FOCUS

    By: Scott Napier

    "Mira Geoscience has collaborated with SkyTEM Canada Inc. to produce this case study using public Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) data collected by Geoscience BC in partnership with members of the Horn River Basin Producers Group. The objective of the AEM survey at the outset was to delineate possible sources of near surface groundwater thought to be contained in quaternary paleochanels. Modelling and interpretation of the data has resulted in imaging of subsurface resistivity features thought to represent these paleochannels..."

  • CEMI Lecture Series: Ancient Pillars of Active Seismic Wisdom
    Published on 05/09/2014

    View John McGaughey's presentation at the CEMI Lacture Series in Sudbury, Canada. "five to thirty years ago a number of seismic tomography experiments were undertaken in underground mines for the purpose of assessing the value of the method in mapping and monitoring rock mass condition. In this presentation I review some of these experiments conducted for imaging the effects of de-stress blasting in a burst-prone sill pillar in a before-and-after experiment at BMS#12 Mine, characterizing rock mass condition in crown pillars from mines in Ontario and Quebec, and documenting rock mass changes over a period of several months in the footwall rocks adjacent to an active blasthole stope at Strathcona Mine in Sudbury. The purpose of presenting..."

  • Integrated 3D Geophysical Inversion and Geological Modelling for Improved Geothermal Exploration and Well Targeting
    Published on 05/01/2014

    Jeff Witter's presentation at the DIVEX/INRS Geothermal Workshop on activities in Qu/bec in 2014, Qu/bec City, Canada.

  • A Framework for the Integration of Geological and Geophysical Data
    Published on 03/01/2014

    John McGaughey's article for the presentation he gave at the KEGS2014 Symposium in Toronto, Canada. "A flexible and practical framework is proposed for the quantitative integration of geological and geophysical data, based on project work carried out over the past several years across a wide range of geological settings and geophysical methods. Our approach to integrated interpretation may be summarized as adherence to the following principles: ..."

  • 4D data management and modelling in the assessment of deep underground mining hazard
    Published on 09/16/2014

    Seventh International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining

    By: John McGaughey

    "A framework is presented for quantitative assessment of deep underground mining hazard. It is general in the sense that it may be applied to many types of underground geotechnical and mining challenges. We present a case study illustrating the methodology from the former Xstrata Craig Mine ..."

  • Paradigm Renews its Agreement with Mira Geoscience
    Published on 07/09/2014

    (HOUSTON: July 9, 2014) Paradigm® ( announced today that it has renewed its value added reseller agreement with Mira Geoscience ( for the delivery of ParadigmSKUA-GOCAD™ modeling software to the global mining industry.  SKUA-GOCAD enables the interpretation and integration of multi-disciplinary data from many disparate sources into a single, quantitatively consistent 3D model. Advanced, easy-to-use and modular, the software ensures that 3D geological models respect a consistent structural, stratigraphic and topological framework suite, for the discovery and recovery of mineral resources.

  • Earth Model Update - Mira Geoscience eNewsletter - June 2014
    Published on 06/02/2014

    Since our last update, we have been pleased to see many of you at the numerous industry events we have attended and the workshops we have offered. It’s been great to receive very positive feedback from you on our new website, which we will be continuously working on to further serve your needs.

    We have also kept hard at work on technology development, some highlights of which we describe in this issue. At PDAC in Toronto last March, we rolled out the industry’s first true 4D multi-disciplinary data management and query system, Geoscience INTEGRATOR. It will serve as the data management foundation of our modelling and expert-system targeting systems to drive exploration and mining success. In this issue we also discuss some of our ongoing work on Radial Basis Functions for some specialized modelling needs. On the consulting side, see how we are shaking the dust off old geophysical IP gradient data to create 3D chargeability models for drillhole targeting.

  • Better Exploration is Needed to Reduce Resource Development Risk
    Published on 04/01/2014

    Think Geoenergy Magazine, Issue 02

    By: Jeff Witter

    With resource risk a major obstacle for project development, it is crucial to improve exploration for geothermal resources. Learn how Mira Geoscience explains why  a 3D exploration program is the best approach.

  • Client success story - Investcan Energy seeks to predict the depth to granite basement using magnetic and drilling data – they found answers with a Mira Geoscience 3D model
    Published on 02/18/2014

    This 3D geophysical modelling project proved successful. The key outcomes of the project include the following: Generation of a 3D depthto-basement model for the entire area consistent with all geological and geophysical data. Prediction of the depth to granite basement in areas that have not yet been drilled. Investcan Energy retained Mira Geoscience for additional basement modelling

  • Case study - Horn River Basin SkyTEM
    Published on 11/28/2013

    Mira Geoscience has collaborated with SkyTEM Canada Inc. to produce a study using public data collected by Geoscience BC in partnership with members of the Horn River Basin Producers Group. The objectives were to delineate possible sources of ground water for use in industrial development and detect possible hazardous shallow gas accumulations prior to commencement of follow-up drilling. A 3D integrated interpretation of AEM inversion models provides complimentary information to the seismic dataset and allows a complete interpretation of the quaternary sequence, which is not possible with seismic alone. The interpretation shows similarities to previous work by Napier et al, 2005 in nearby NW Alberta showing that AEM can/should be considered as a tool for detecting, mapping and discriminating between water and gas filled quaternary channels. The 3D interpretation provides a number of verifiable predictions.

  • Hot on the trail Researchers track the footprints that lead to mineral discoveries
    Published on 08/01/2013

    With funding for the $13-million Footprints project in place, geoscientists have gathered at the Canadian Malartic mine in northern Quebec to investigate the subtleties of the low-grade disseminated gold deposit and its surrounding rocks.

  • 4D-GIS for exploration and mining
    Published on 03/02/2014

    Mira Geoscience is introducing the first system to combine true 4D multi-disciplinary data management, modelling, query, and expert-system targeting to drive exploration and mining success.

    Presented by John McGaughey

  • Geologically Constrained 3D Inversion of Magnetic and Gravity Data over Parts of the Yukon - Tanana Terrane and Whitehorse Trough
    Published on 01/28/2014

    Presented by Dianne Mitchinson.

  • ASEG-PESA 2013 - Mira Geoscience's contribution
    Published on 08/15/2013

    Mira Geoscience's geophysicists contributed to this year's program: 3D magnetic modelling and inversion incorporating self-demagnetisation and interactions. G. Pears et al. Hybrid 1D/3D geologically constrained inversion of airborne TEM data. G. Pears et al. Geophysical signature of the Hollandaire copper deposit, Western Australia. J. Reid et al. Exploring model space via 1D extremal inversion of airborne TEM data: determination of depth and conductivity bounds of seawater and sediment in shallow coastal waters. P. Fullagar et al. Geological Interpretation of Potential Field Data. J. McGaughey, keynote address.

  • Riverside Resources and Alliance Partner Commence Drilling at The Naranjo Project in Jalisco, Mexico
    Published on 12/17/2012

    Riverside Resources Inc. ("Riverside" or the "Company") (TSX-V: RRI) is pleased to announce that Riverside and its partner, Cliffs Natural Resources (“Cliffs”), have commenced drilling at the Naranjo project located in Jalisco, Mexico. The planned five-hole, 1,400 metre reverse-circulation drill program is now underway. The Naranjo project is the second project to be drilled under the Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) Strategic Alliance between Riverside and Cliffs… “Detailed modeling (two pass inversions) of the airborne magnetic data by Mira Geoscience shows large, clear, and discrete anomalies that appear to correspond on surface to historic small-scale iron workings.”

  • Purepoint Releases Geophysical Survey Results from Turnor Lake
    Published on 11/02/2012

    Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. (TSX:PTU.V) today released the results of this summer’s geophysical survey at its 100% owned Turnor Lake Project in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin. The induced polarization survey has moved the exploration of this property further north, covering the high-priority Anvil South uranium target area…“Drill targets have now been prioritized with the completion of the 3D Targeting Workflow Process by Mira Geoscience.”

  • New project mines improved data-sharing opportunities
    Published on 11/12/2013

    The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) has taken that old saying to heart with its plans to collaborate with Sudbury's SNOLAB to create a mining observatory data control centre. Find out more about our implication in the project.

  • GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Geothermal Energy Expo: GRC Workshops a Great Success
    Published on 09/29/2013

    Over 100 attended the GRC Workshops at the MGM Grand over the last two days. The group from the Geothermal Exploration in the 21st Century workshop led by Jeff Witter from Mira Geoscience Ltd., provided participants with a multi-faceted overview of modern exploration methods applicable to the discovery of geothermal resources.

  • Client success story - Chieftain Metals seeks to model legacy IP and magnetic data in 3D and finds promising targets with Mira Geoscience
    Published on 07/29/2013

    Owing to the success of the 3D inversion initiative carried out over the immediate Tulsequah Chief deposit area, the Company is again retaining Mira Geoscience Ltd. (“Mira”) to perform 3D inversions of IP data over the very prospective Big Bull, Banker/Sparling and southeast areas of the Tulsequah VMS property.

  • Tower Resources Commences 2013 Exploration Season; Mobilizes Geophysical Crew to Baez Project
    Published on 06/11/2013

    Vancouver, B.C. - Tower Resources Ltd., (TSX.V: TWR) has commenced its 2013 exploration program at its 100% controlled Baez epithermal gold (Au) and silver (Ag) property in the Nechako Plateau region, central British Columbia. Learn how Mira Geoscience helped them.

  • Intercontinental connectivity- Rio Tinto creates integrated data management system for all its cave mines
    Published on 06/01/2013

    Rio Tinto’s CaveCad data management system is in use at Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia, and will allow data to be compared across the company’s portfolio of cave mines. Lear how Mira Geoscience helped them.

  • Mira Geoscience Q3eNewsletter
    Published on 07/15/2013

    On our side, in software news, we have been working steadily on a number of new technology innovations. A closer look at our data integration work and developments to Vale’s in-house mineral exploration software system. We have prepared several new short-courses and workshops, and have been preparing for the post-summer conference season. An exciting program for Earth Modelling 2013 is taking shape!

  • Mira Geoscience Q2eNewsletter
    Published on 04/15/2013

    In software news, we released GOCAD® Mining Suite 2009.4, Fullagar Geophysics VPmg7.1 and VPem1D v2.1. Our software development team was strengthened by the arrival of four new staff members. Our trainers have been traveling the globe, offering personalized training and workshops. We had a great time at RoundUp and PDAC, and we enjoyed participating in the AMIRA P1022 workshop in Perth (“Rapid 3D Inversion of TEM Data”). And now it’s our turn to offer you a look at our program for Earth Modelling 2013. Also, a closer look at our geotechnical hazard assessment software and services.

  • Mira Geoscience Q1eNewsletter
    Published on 01/15/2013

    The first edition of our eNewsletter. We wanted to keep you in the loop of what we’ve been up to. 2012 was a busy year! We developed new training courses; Fullagar Geophysics released a new version of VPmg while we were in the final development and testing phase of GOCAD Mining Suite 2009.4 release; we hired five new software developers; two geoscientists as well as three senior staff joined our consulting team.

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