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Mira Geoscience stands for technology and solutions for best geoscience-based business decisions. To us, your return on investment is at the heart of all strategies and developments we do for you.

Since 1999, we have pioneered the application of advanced geological modelling, 3D-GIS technology, and 4D multi-disciplinary data management in the mining industry through the integrated “Common Earth Model”. 

We supply the mining industry with practical and cost-effective multi-disciplinary 3D modelling and data management solutions for mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment. Our client list includes most of the world’s major mining and mining-industry service companies, as well as several juniors. We count many geological survey organizations and universities amongst our clients, providing a natural collaboration environment for technology development.

We have offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Sudbury, Brisbane, and Perth, and work with an extensive network of mining-industry technical experts to bring the right team to 3D geoscience project challenges.

Vision and scope

  • Our competitive advantage stems from leveraging the technical excellence and major R&D investments of our partners in both the energy and mining industries. Our philosophy is to seamlessly integrate the world's most advanced earth modelling technologies into workflow-based solutions that provide better, faster decisions for our mining industry clients.

Our team of experts

  • Our senior technical team deploys best-in-class technology for the integrated interpretation of geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data. We offer a wide range of interpretational services in addition to providing and supporting proprietary and third party software systems. Our multi-disciplinary geoscience team delivers meaningful, client-driven models that serve as the basis for decision making in exploration drillhole targeting and geotechnical hazard assessment. Our software development group focuses on developing the tools required for the discovery and assessment of deep, undercover ore deposits, as well as geotechnical hazard assessment for any type of mining. We create both proprietary and fully customized 4D data management and earth modelling systems for mining industry clients around the world.


  • At Mira Geoscience we strive to create an environment where integrity, ingenuity, expertise and entrepreneurship guide us in the work we do for and with our clients, partners, associates and colleagues.  

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