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Advanced 3D modelling and data management solutions

We supply the mining industry with cost-effective, multi-disciplinary, 3D and 4D earth modelling and data management solutions for mineral exploration, resource evaluation, and geotechnical hazard assessment.

We tightly integrate the industry’s best earth modelling technology with advanced data processing across a range of geoscience applications. We believe in a quantitative solution that focuses asset teams on a shared interpretation that delivers better, faster business decisions.


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Quantitative, integrated 3D interpretation of geological, geophysical, and geochemical data for mineral exploration targeting from regional to prospect scales.

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Multi-disciplinary earth modelling at the deposit scale for ore body delineation, resource estimation, geometallurgy, and geotechnical interpretation. 

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4D geotechnical hazard distribution as a function of geology, geometry, rock quality, stress, deformation, seismicity, support, and other static or dynamic criteria.

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Chieftain Metals seeks to model legacy IP and magnetic data in 3D – and finds at least two promising targets lying close to a known deposit with Mira Geoscience. 

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In this edition we have a look back on the Earth Modelling 2015 Forum. Glenn Pears gives us an instructive review of the mechanics behind integrated interpretation. We report on MinSim: A Mineral Industry Simulation Platform. On the software side, we talk about...

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Talented geoscientists with extensive industry experience across a wide range of applications, interpretational methods, and geological settings. 

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